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Building a home entertainment system often starts with the projector. However, budget-conscious consumers can be put off by the high price point. Instead of settling on a flat-screen TV, BenQ has an affordable projector worth taking a look at. But are you sacrificing features to save money? In this BenQ TH575 review, we’ll review the projector’s specs so you can make an informed decision (>>> Check on Amazon).

BenQ TH575 Review of Specifications:

BenQ TH575
Contrast Ratio15,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,800 ANSI
Input Lag16.7ms
Throw Distance3.5' - 32.5'
Screen size30" - 300"
Internal Speakers10.0 Watts Mono
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  • Affordable price point
  • Support for 3D content
  • Adequate input lag and refresh rate for gaming
  • Produces bright images
  • Strong contrast ratio


  • Limited installation flexibility due to the long throw distance, fixed lens, and lack of most image alignment functions.
  • Does not support 4K content

Image Quality

BenQ TH575 front
BenQ TH575

One of the most important aspects of a home theater projector is image quality, and the TH575 delivers. We were impressed with the crisp and clear full HD onscreen images, which make you feel like you’re in a movie theater.

Even in darker scenes, the 15,000:1 contrast ratio kept details from looking fuzzy. Whites were bright and blacks had depth. Colors across the Rec.709 spectrum were accurate, although not exceptional.

The TH575’s high lumens light source really shines, with a 203W metal halide bulb producing 3,800 lumens. Even with some ambient light, we were able to enjoy a bright and clear picture.

Gaming Quality

Gamers will be pleased to know that the TH575 can handle their needs, for the most part. We found the input lag to be acceptable at 16ms, and we didn’t lose the full HD resolution. However, the 60Hz refresh rate could cause some issues with certain games.

We noticed a slight delay between the controller and onscreen action with some games. Despite this, the 100″ images are an immersive experience that can make you feel like you’re part of the action.

Sound Quality

One of the benefits of the TH575 is its built-in 10W speakers. While they won’t blow you away, they’re a noticeable step up from the speakers on your TV.

As we tested the projector as part of a home entertainment system, the onboard speakers meant we had one less component to purchase. They provided clear audio, whether it was dialogue, music, or sound effects.

Ease of Installation and Setup

When we unboxed the TH575, we were immediately struck by its size and weight. At 5.5 lbs., it’s easily portable, and it measures 4.70″ x 11.70″ x 8.70″, making it easy to fit on most shelves and tables.

However, you’ll need plenty of space between the projector and the screen to cast 100″ images. To achieve this, you need about 10′ of space. The fixed lens limits some installation flexibility, but the projector does offer vertical digital keystone correction and 1.1x zoom.

It took some time to align the images on the screen, but setup wasn’t overly complicated.


BenQ TH575 connections
BenQ TH575 connections

While the TH575 is missing some of the connectivity options of higher-priced models, it does offer dual HDMI and USB ports on its control panel, as well as audio in and out jacks. We were able to connect most of our devices, but we did find ourselves switching out components at times. We should note that the TH575 does not support WiFi connectivity.

Consumer Impressions

Overall, consumers seem to be impressed with the TH575. We found that it’s a great starter home theater projector, and consumers agree. They appreciate the lower-than-average price point, and the compact size and bright lumens lamp are definite pros.

Consumers have mentioned that they’re able to use the projector during the day without having to darken the room, which is a great feature.

However, some have expressed concerns about the lack of 4K resolution, which is becoming increasingly popular.

We think it’s among the better choices among 3D projectors too.


You are sacrificing a few features with the BenQ TH575 but it’s difficult to beat the projector’s price. It is a solid starter projector for anyone looking to enjoy cinematic-quality images at home. You get bright, crisp images with plenty of details.

Even gamers will appreciate the relatively low input lag. Best of all, you can enjoy 100” images from the comfort of your couch. The projector does lack 4K compatibility, and this can become an issue.

You also have limited connectivity, which is something else to consider. With that being said, if you are looking for an affordable projector, the TH575 is worth considering (>>> Check the current price on BHPhotovideo).