BenQ TK700 VS TK700STI


Gamers often feel left out by projector manufacturers. While they do want awesome image quality and connectivity is a must, the input lag can limit the types of games they can play. However, some of the top names in home theater projects are starting to take notice of gamers’ complaints.

One of these manufacturers is BenQ and they have two projectors that seem to be capable of keeping everyone from gamers to movie lovers happy. Comparing the BenQ TK700 vs TK700STI, you notice several similarities, but the projectors also have differences (>>> Check on Amazon). Let’s see which BenQ model is the best choice for your entertainment system.

BenQ TK700 VS TK700STI Specifications:

 BenQ TK700BenQ TK700STI
Contrast Ratio10,000:110,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,200 ANSI3,000 ANSI
Throw Distance3.2' - 24.6'2.4' - 19.6'
Screen size30" - 300"30" - 300"
Internal Speakers5.0 Watts Mono5.0 Watts Mono
PriceFind on Amazon
Find on Amazon

Gaming Quality

Get ready to enjoy smooth, lag-free gaming even on your graphic-packed multi-player games. Both home theater projectors have a 240Hz refresh rate and an input lag of a little over 4ms. You aren’t going to miss any of the action waiting for the controller’s command to reach the screen. Problems with blurry images are also eliminated.

The downside to the lightning-fast response rate is you lose some image clarity. You drop down from 4K resolution to 1080p. Refresh rates in 4K resolution are 60Hz with a 16.9ms latency speed. It’s okay for some games, but you may run into problems with the faster-paced ones. Where the TK700STI stands out is with its multiple preset gaming functions. It automatically optimizes images based on the game’s style. You can feel like you are in the middle of the action.

Best for Gaming: BenQ TK700STI

Image Quality

Refresh rates and input lags aren’t important if the image quality is poor. You need to see the game’s graphics to make it through a level. 4K resolution is standard on the projectors. The contrast ratio at 10,000:1 is also the same. The lumens ratings are close but the TK700STI comes out slightly ahead. It has a 3,200 lumens rating, compared to 3,000 on the TK700.  However, both projects are capable of handling ambient light.

The projectors also come with black enhancement technology. You get deep and rich black shades without sacrificing bright colors.

Best Image Quality: BenQ TK700STI


You don’t need to worry about connectivity with either projector. Dual HDMI ports and a USB input ensure you can connect your gaming consoles. While the two projectors are compatible with most gaming devices, the TK700STI offers a little more connectivity.

It comes with Android TV, so you have access to thousands of content titles. You also get access to the Google Play Store. Netflix isn’t available on either projector, but the TK700STI allows you to cast the streaming service’s content from a Google Chrome browser to a connected HDMI cable.

Best in Connectivity: BenQ TK700STI

Ease of Installation and Setup

Lightweight at around 6.8lbs, installing the projectors isn’t going to strain a muscle. The TK700STI does have a shorter throw distance. It’s something to consider for anyone living in a small space. The TK700STI throws 100” images at 6.5 feet. The TK700 needs a little more space, around 8.2 feet.

2D auto vertical keystone correction is standard and it eliminates trapezoid images. While the TK700STI has 1.2x zoom, the TK700 boasts 1.3x zoom to account for the longer throw distance. The TK700STI also handles squared images with its picture rotation adjustment feature.

Easiest to Install and Setup: BenQ TK700STI

BenQ TK700

BenQ TK700 Review

There’s a lot to like about the TK700. It’s a mixed media projector geared for gamers and movie buffs. A 16ms input lag and 60Hz refresh rate keep some games and live-action sports playing smoothly in 4K resolution. When you are ready to play multiple-player games, switch over to 1080p resolution. Your latency speed drops down to 4.2ms.

Even in high-definition resolution, colors are still sharp and accurate with black enhancement technology. Add in HGL and HDR support, and you get dynamic onscreen images. It helps to make up for the relatively low 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

HDMI and USB ports ensure you can connect your devices. Something to note is the lack of built-in Android TV. However, the projector is compatible with most gaming consoles like Sony, Xbox, and Google stadia.

Setting up the projector is a breeze, but you will need around 8ft of space between the projector and screen to throw 100” images. It’s not a short-throw projector, but you do have mounting options. Along with setting the projector on a shelf or table, you can also mount it on the wall or ceiling.

The 1.3x zoom gives you a little flexibility during installation, and the 2D automatic vertical keystone corrects aligns images on the screen.


  • 4K resolution
  • Low input lag
  • Black enhancement technology
  • Flexible throw distance
  • Built-in game-based sound


  • The projector does not come with built-in Android TV, making it hard to cast from streaming services


BenQ TK700STI Review

The TK700STI is a step up from the previous model. It comes with a few features missing from the TK700. Built-in Android TV gives you access to thousands of hours of streaming content, including live sports and music. Black enhancement technology, along with HLG and HRD support ensures colors are vivid and accurate. The contrast ratio is a little low, but it doesn’t interfere with image quality.

Graphic-rich games and live sports play smoothly thanks to the low latency speed and high refresh rate. Switching to gaming mode will drop the resolution down from 4K to 1080p, but you get a 4.2ms latency speed. Gaming mode also includes a sound function that further optimizes your experience.

A short throw distance of around 6.5 feet makes it a flexible projector. You can also mount it on the wall or ceiling, giving you plenty of installation options. 1.2x zoom and 2D automatic vertical keystone correction allow you to easily center on-screen images. Find comparison vs. Optoma UHD50x


  • Low latency speed
  • Gaming and sound modes
  • 4K resolution
  • Onboard Android TV
  • Flexible installation


  • The projector does not come with Netflix access which limits the content you can stream


The TK700 and TK700STI from BenQ both offer something for everyone. Low input lags and high refresh rates are standard, along with compatibility with almost all types of gaming devices.

The TK700STI does offer a little more than the ST700 (>>> Check on Projectorscreen). Along with onboard Android TV, it also has a shorter throw distance, making it a step above the ST700.