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If you want the best picture quality from a home cinema projector, you want to get one with a 4K resolution. BenQ has two 4K projectors that also come at an affordable price point. Comparing the BenQ TK850 vs the HT3550 isn’t easy. Both projectors produce bright images with amazing colors.

When you look a little closer, you will start to notice a few differences. While the HT3550 is the better option for gamers, the BenQ TK850 is easier to install and produces a brighter picture. (>>> Check on Amazon) If you’re still not sure which model to bring home, here’s what you need to know about their specifications.

BenQ TK850 vs HT3550 Specifications:

 BenQ TK850BenQ HT3550
Contrast Ratio30,000:130,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,000 ANSI2,000 ANS
Input Lag87ms60ms
Throw Distance3.2' - 24.6'3.2' - 16.4'
Screen size30" - 300"30" - 200"
Internal Speakers5.0 Watts × 25.0 Watts × 2

Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

Even though there are a lot of similarities between the two projectors, you’ll also notice a few differences that can influence which one you decide to buy.

Image Quality

Both of these BenQ projectors have true 4K resolution. With 8.3 million pixels, images are vivid and detailed. Colors are accurate without adjustment. The TK850 and HT3550 use cinematic color technology. The DCI-3 color space gives you a broader spectrum than the standard Rec. 709.

Even though the image quality is equal, the TK850 does give you a brighter picture in the daytime. The 3,000 lumens light ensures a bright picture that isn’t wash-out. The 2,000 lumens rating on the HT3550 is enough for ambient light, but bright lamps and sunlight can dim the picture.

Better Image Quality: BenQ TK850

Gaming Quality

The TK850 isn’t designed for avid gamers. It has a latency speed around 80ms, even casual gamers will be annoyed by the delays. The BenQ HT3550 boasts a lower input lag, around 50ms. It’s fast enough to handle graphics-rich games, but you’ll want a faster speed if you’re a professional gamer. Multi-player games can also experience input lag problems with both projectors.

Better Gaming Quality: BenQ HT3550

Ease of Set-Up and Installation

These are standard throw projectors and need around 8’ to cast 100” onscreen images. You can mount either one on the ceiling, which saves you some space. At a little over 9lbs, you won’t strain a muscle installing the projectors.

Automatic keystone correction is standard on the BenQ projectors. You also get manual zoom with both models, but the TK850 offers more options for image alignment than the HT3550 with its wider vertical lens shift.

Easier Installation: BenQ TK850

BenQ TK850 Review

BenQ TK850

With 3840 x 2160 resolution, images are detailed with vivid colors. The 30,000:1 contrast ratio is lower than some other 4K projectors, but they also come at a higher price. A 10-element glass lens, along with automatic tone and color mapping ensures you see realistic colors. The 3,000 lumens light source gives you a bright picture in the day or at night.

Gamers won’t be happy with the 81ms input lag. It’s too slow for any action games. However, the projector does have surprising sound quality with its 5-watt speakers. Surround sound isn’t possible with the two speakers, but you can switch between different modes. There are three different settings for sound, one for music, sports, and movies.

At 9.3lbs, the TK850 won’t break your back. It’s also designed for ceiling mounting, making it easier to cast 100” images in spaces where you don’t have 8 or 9 feet of room. Along with automatic color enhancement, you also have vertical keystone correction for image alignment. To ensure images are centered, you have a zoom and vertical lens shift.


  • Flexible alignment
  • 3 sound modes
  • 4K resolution
  • Automatic color correction
  • Bright light source


  • The cooling fan can cancel out the speakers
  • Latency speeds are too slow for most gamers

BenQ HT3550 Review

BenQ HT3550

You get true 4K images with the HT3550. It does have a lower contrast ratio than some other projectors but makes it for it with a Dynamic Iris. HDR tone mapping and a 10-element lens ensure colors are bright and accurate. A 2,000 lumens lamp gives you bright onscreen images in dark and dimly lit rooms.

Weighing 9.2lbs, you won’t have any problems installing the projector. If you don’t have the 9-feet need for 100” images, you can easily mount the HT3550 on the ceiling. Manual and digital vertical focus makes it easier to align images. Several pre-set color modes make it easy to optimize the picture.

Avid gamers won’t like the 50ms input lag, but casual players will love playing their games on the projector. The projector has a fast refresh rate that will keep up with PS4 and shooter games.


  • 4K resolution
  • Adequate input lag for casual gamers
  • Flexible installation
  • Dynamic Iris
  • Accurate colors


  • Sound quality is poor compared to similar home theater projectors
  • Images are dim in brightly lit rooms


There are a lot of similarities between the BenQ TK850 and the HT3550. Both are mid-price 4K projectors that produce stunning images. You also won’t have any problems installing either model. Gamers will want to go with the 3550. It does have a faster input lag. If image brightness, sound quality, and a more flexible installation are important, the BenQ TK850 is the better option. (>>> Check on Bhphotovideo)