How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Projector?

One of the most important factors of any projector is the amount of light it can produce. The amount of light a projector makes is referred to as lumens. A projector with higher lumens will work better in brighter spaces, but it will also cost more to purchase and maintain. Determining how many lumens you … Read more

How To Clean A Projector Lens

You love how crisp and detailed images are with your home theater projector. Sometimes, you can feel like you are at the cinema instead of sitting in your living room. Everything looks amazing on the screen until you suddenly notice images aren’t as clear.

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What Can I Use for a Projector Screen?

DYI projector screen

When it comes to home theater screens, the projector offers you a variety of different options that will all work, although some may work better than others. So what specifically can you use for a projector screen? Let’s explore the many options and see what might work for your home entertainment theater.

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Where to Mount Projector for Golf Simulator

projector mount for golf simulator

After studying the market, you have purchased what you think will be the perfect projector. Now you need to decide where to mount the projector to get the best performance out of your golf simulator. You need the projector mounted far enough away from your swing plane so you don’t hit it. At the same time, you can’t mount it behind you or you will cast your shadow onto the screen. This article will show you the best location to mount a projector for a golf simulator.

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How to Connect Laptop to a Projector With HDMI

hdmi connection cable laptop

Learning how to connect a laptop to a projector with HDMI can be as simple as plugging in a cable. That is as long as both of them have HDMI ports and a cable with the appropriate connections. If you like watching computer content on a large screen instead of the computer’s screen, you must have a way of connecting your laptop to a projector.

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How to Connect Projector to Laptop Without VGA Port

laptop connected with hdmi to vga adapter

Video Graphics Array (VGA) has been around for about 30 years and you are going to come across a situation where you need to connect a VGA port only projector to a laptop (like many MacBooks) without a VGA port. So how would you connect a projector to a laptop without a VGA port?

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How To Hang A Projector Screen From The Ceiling

Not everyone wants a wall-mounted projector screen. You might not like how the screen looks on the wall or have space for one. Your next option is to hang the screen from the ceiling. You can retract the screen when it’s not in use and pull it down when you’re ready to watch a movie.

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How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers

Even if your projector came with internal speakers, the audio quality still isn’t great. It’s an improvement over the tiny ones in your TV, but the best way to improve the sound is to connect a projector to external speakers.

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How To Connect A Phone To A Projector Using USB

Connecting your phone to the projector is a convenient option. Some projectors allow you to control its various functions through a downloadable app. You can also stream content from your phone to the projector, but only when the two components are connected. Most projectors come with several ports for HDMI and USB cables. You simply connect the right cable to your phone and the projector.

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How to Connect Xbox to Projector

Anyone who likes to play video games on an Xbox console wants to get the biggest and clearest screen possible. Connecting an Xbox to a high-definition projector lets you see details like you never have before. When you start gaming on a projector screen, everything else feels somehow not as lifelike and incredible. There is more than one way to connect an Xbox to a projector to have the ultimate gaming experience.

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