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Cinematic images, versatility, and easy installation are some key features you look for in a home theater projector. It’s also what you get with the Epson 3200 home cinema projector.

It’s a versatile, mixed-use projector capable of producing outstanding image quality. The 3200 also boasts a low input lag and plenty of connectivity for your external devices (>>> Check on Amazon). But does the 3200 from Epson live up to its advertising? Let’s take a closer look at the projector’s specifications.

Epson 3200 Review of Specifications:

 Epson 3200
4K w/pixel shifting
Contrast Ratio40,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,900 ANSI
Input LagNo data
Throw Distance6.2' - 28.8'
Screen size40" - 300"
Internal SpeakersNo

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Image Quality

Image quality is one of the first aspects you check on a home theater projector. If it doesn’t display dynamic pictures, the projector isn’t worth your money.

The 3200 uses advanced technologies to produce bright images with realistic colors. It comes with three LCD chips, so you get 100% of the RGB color spectrum. Not only do you get dynamic colors, but the three-chip design eliminates the annoying rainbow effect.

Along with advanced 4K pixel-shifting technology, you also have full HDR 10-bit support. All of your HDR content is accurately reproduced on the screen.


You can find projectors with a brighter lumens rating, but the light source on the 3200 is more than enough for most home applications.

With 2,900 lumens, you don’t need a dedicated media room to use the projector during the day. You get brilliant whites and colors in almost any lighting setting. Direct sunlight may interfere with image quality but closing the blinds easily resolves the problem.


  • Flexible installation and setup
  • 4K pixel-shifting technology
  • Bluetooth support
  • Dynamic colors and contrast
  • Low input lag


  • The 1.6x zoom makes it difficult to focus images larger than 100 inches
  • The refresh rate might be too slow for fast-paced action games

Gaming Quality

It’s not easy finding a mixed-media projector for movies, shows, and gaming, but the 3200 delivers. Along with 4K upscaling technology, you get an input lag between 16.7 and 30ms. Casual and avid gamers won’t have a problem with delayed commands from their controller to the screen.

Dropping input lag down to around 16ms means you lose some image quality. It’s not enough to noticeably affect visual clarity, but it’s something to consider. The 60Hz refresh rate is a little lower than with some comparable models, but you still get smooth on-screen action.


A home theater projector is useless when you can’t your external devices. It’s not a problem with the 3200 from Epson. Along with Bluetooth support, it also comes with plenty of in and outputs. It includes an 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 port. Its compatibility with most color formats ensures images have depth and dimension.

Ease of Installation and Set-Up

With its flexible installation and array of image alignment features, setting the 3200 up is a breeze. One thing to remember is its relatively long throw distance. You need at least 10 feet between the lens and screen for 100-inch images. If you have the space, you can easily set the projector on a shelf or table. Otherwise, it’s best to use a ceiling mount.

The 3200 is almost ready to go as soon as it is out of the box. The projector weighs under 20lbs, so it’s not hard to move around. The four-directional keystone correction function centers images on the screen. The projector also comes with 1.6x zoom, making it easy to fine-tune the picture.

Consumer Impressions

Epson 3200 top

Consumer reviews are favorable for the 3200. Image quality is impressive, even though it is not true 4K. They also appreciate the affordable price point, considering its pixel-shifting technology. Gamers like the low input lag but wish the refresh rate is a little faster. Its long-throw distance is a concern, but it’s easily resolved with the additional purchase of a ceiling mount.


The Epson 3200 is an impressive 4K home theater projector. It supports most color formats and comes with advanced pixel-shifting technology. It’s intended for mixed-media use and comes with a low input lag. It’s also a breeze to install in larger areas.

You may notice a few downsides that include a low refresh rate, but it doesn’t take away from the projector’s performance. Add in its affordable price point, and the 3200 from Epson is worth taking a look at. (>>> Check current price on Bhphotovideo)