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Epson has made it easy for everyone to enjoy cinematic movies at home. Their home theater projectors produce stunning image quality at surprisingly affordable prices. There’s no shortage of models to choose from, each with strengths and weaknesses.

Comparing the Epson 880 vs 2250 isn’t as easy as it seems. Each projector has strengths that fit specific situations. The 880 produces a brighter picture, has a slightly shorter throw distance, and is priced to fit most budgets. The 2250 is more expensive, but you get a more dynamic picture and streaming features. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Want to know more about these two projectors? Here’s a closer look at their specifications.

Epson 880 vs 2250 Specifications:

 Epson 880Epson 2250
Contrast Ratio16,000:170,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,300 ANSI2,700 ANSI
Included LensFixed focal length1.6x manual zoom
Throw Distance2.2' - 34.0'4.7' - 29.0'
Screen size25" - 386"30" - 300"
Internal Speakers2.0 Watts Mono10.0 Watts Mono

Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

Each projector works best in a specific type of space making one a better option for your home.

Image Quality

Looking at the model descriptions, you’ll notice a few differences. The 880 produces a brighter picture with a 3,300 lumens light source. Ambient light and open windows won’t interfere with image brightness. In comparison, the 2250 has a 2,700 lamp.

The resolution is the same with both projectors. HD resolution ensures crisp, clean images, but you get more dynamic images with the 2250. The 70,000:1 contrast ratio gives you deep blacks and bright whites. Image enhancing technology furthers optimizes picture quality.

Better Image Quality: Epson 880

Audio Quality

Both Epson projectors come with built-in speakers noticeably better than the ones in your TV. The 880 comes with 2W speakers. It’s enough to fill a small room with sound. The 2250 boasts 10W speakers, ideal for larger spaces.

Better Image Quality: Epson 2250


The 2250 is the clear winner when it comes to connectivity. The built-in Android TV interface makes operating the projector a breeze. Along with access to Google Assistant for convenient voice control, you can stream your favorite apps through the projector.

While the 880 comes with ports for your external devices, it is limited in connectivity. You are limited to content from your devices, or mirror casting from a compatible mobile device.

Better Image Quality: Epson 2250

Ease of Installation

Anyone easily frustrated with image alignment will appreciate the automatic digital correction feature on the Epson 880. It ensures images are perfectly centered on the screen. The 2250 comes with manual vertical and horizontal keystone correction, along with zoom and focus. You do get a wider zoom with the 2250 compared to the 880.

Easier Installation: Epson 880

Epson 880 Review

Epson 880

It’s hard to beat the Epson 880 when it comes to value. Full HD resolution ensures clear images, and 3LCD technology produces accurate colors without bleeding or fading. The 3,300 lumens light source prevents bright light from interfering with image quality. If you can’t dim all of the lights in a room, it won’t be a problem.

Setting up the 880 is a breeze. Connect your external devices and you’re ready to go. It’s also easy to align onscreen images. You have manual zoom and focus to tweak the images after the automatic keystone correction takes care of centering the picture. You can also adjust the color to your preference with the presets or manually.

You will need some space if you want 100” onscreen images, around 9 feet. You can get as close as 2’, images are smaller, but you still get the clarity and detail you expect with a home cinema projector.

The 880 does lack streaming capabilities, but it comes with plenty of ports for your external devices. You can also Miracast from your devices.


  • HD resolution
  • Miracast compatible
  • Bright light source
  • Realistic colors
  • Easy installation


  • The projector does not come with built-in streaming
  • The low contrast ratio can blur darker colors

Epson 2250 Review

Epson 2250

The Epson 2250 is a full HD projector with 3LCD technology for realistic colors across the spectrum. You get amazing image clarity with a 70,000:1 contrast ratio, along with Image Enhancement technology. It also comes with Frame Interpolation to ensure smooth play-by-play action whether you’re watching live sports or movies.

Setting the 2250 up is easy. It’s ready to go as soon as you plug it in. The Android interface is ready with your favorite streaming apps. Controlling the 2250 is just as easy. It is compatible with Google Assistant. The projector also comes with built-in 10W speakers, so you’re ready to go with the audio. When it comes to ports, you have plenty, including one for 4K content.

The only downside is the lack of automatic image alignment correction. You have plenty of manual options, but it does take longer to center onscreen images.


  • Accurate colors
  • HD resolution
  • Built-in speakers
  • Android interface
  • 4K compatible


  • Bright light can interfere with image clarity
  • The projector does not come with automatic image alignment


Comparing the Epson 880 and the 2250 depends on what you need from an HD projector, along with your budget. The 880 is budget-friendly, easy to set up, and works great in well-lit areas. Its downside, the lack of streaming capabilities. (>>> Find on Bhphotovideo)

The Epson 2250 does produce a more dynamic picture and comes with most of the popular streaming apps built-in. It also boasts more powerful speakers. The 2250 does have a downside, it is priced higher.

When you are choosing between the two projectors, take a moment to think about what you need for your home.