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Business projectors used to be for the boardroom, but the coronavirus pandemic that led to thousands of people working from home changed the way that business is done. Today, many businesses are encouraging employees to work from home when possible. A business projector lets you take business meeting video calls without straining your eyes and gives you an ideal way to display information.

This Epson EX5280 review will describe what makes this an excellent choice for your small business with the added benefit of being able to watch television and movies on your big screen (>>> Check on Amazon).

Epson EX5280 Review of Specifications:

Epson EX5280
Contrast Ratio16,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,800 ANSI
Throw Distance3.6' - 29.6'
Screen size30" - 300"
Internal Speakers2.0 Watts Mono
PriceFind on Amazon

The features of the Epson EX5280 make it ideal for business use. The projector features a long-throw projection system, so plan on having a decent amount of space. Using the Epson Throw Distance Calculator, a room with standard 9-foot ceilings will need a throw distance of around 11-feet from the lens to the screen to achieve a 16:9 aspect ratio. A 4:3 ratio will require slightly more than nine feet.

Outside of using this projector in a boardroom, it also works fantastic for outdoor movie nights. It is capable of two-way projection so it can be mounted in front or behind the screen, and the long throw is ideal for outside viewing.

How Bright is the Epson EX5280?

Brightness is measured in Lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. However, brighter projectors tend to also use bulbs faster, and the bulbs can be expensive to replace. This projector is advertised at 3,800 lumens, which is considered to be a good level for environments ranging from moderately well lit to dim.

The EX5280 is popular as a business projector because of the ability to portray a vivid, bright image when reducing ambient light isn’t possible. This also makes it an excellent choice for use outdoors. It is easily bright enough to overcome porch lights while keeping the image clear.


  • Bright image quality is great for presentations
  • Simple setup makes it easy to use as a portable device


  • Weak speaker and no way to connect to other audio sources
  • Requires additional components to use HDMI port for streaming

Technologies that Matter

The EX5280 uses a true 3-chip RGB color pattern that produces 100-percent of the true colors without the rainbow effect that is common on DSP projectors. The projector produces high-color XGA resolution that allows presentations, spreadsheets, and videos to have vivid and defined color. It features a 16,000:1 contrast ratio to provide steady black colors and believable bright colors.

Image Adjustment

This projector features automatic vertical adjustment to help get the picture correct every time. This tech lets you get the projector up and running quickly so that you aren’t wasting your business partners time.

HDMI Connections

Epson EX5280 connections

You can connect your favorite streaming device like Amazon FireStick, a Blu-Ray player, or a video game console. The HDMI port is the most reliable way to stream content and take advantage of the image quality of this projector.


The Epson EX5280 is a good choice for work-related business because the bright light output works well in less than ideal conditions, allowing the image to be easily visible in a large room when the lights are on. It also works well outside due to the long throw projection and good color balance technology (>>> Check current price on Amazon).

This projector isn’t marketed toward people who want to watch movies or play video games, and as such, many of the key details like frame rates and other performance metrics aren’t readily available, even through the manufacturers website. We would pass on this projector for home entertainment use, but it is a great option when you need a business screen.