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Home theater projects keep getting better. Technology is continually improving, and it means more robust features on your entertainment components. The PX1 Pro from Hisense is an example. It’s a short-throw laser projector capable of producing vibrant images. It comes with award-winning technology for both images and audio. The PX1 Pro is also a breeze to install and use.

In this Hisense PX1 Pro Review, we’ll take a look at what the projector has to offer and if it lives up to its slightly high price point. (>>> Check on Amazon)

Hisense PX1 Pro Review of Specifications:

 Hisense PX1 Pro
Contrast Ratio1,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,200 ANSI
Input Lag30ms
Throw Distance1.6' - 2.4'
Screen size90" - 130"
Internal Speakers15.0 Watts × 2

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Image Quality

The PX1 Pro produces incredibly vibrant and immersive images using a TriChroma laser. The award-winning projector motor achieves up to 107% of the BT.2020 color spectrum. You get accurate colors for realistic onscreen pictures.

Using a combination of blue, green, and red lasers, the projector produces amazing colors you usually only see in the theater. 4K resolution helps ensure sharp image, while HLG and HDR10 technologies automatically optimize images before they reach the screen.

A 2,200 lumens light source lets you watch movies and shows without being bothered by ambient light. The lumens rating is a little lower than what you find on some other projectors, but it’s more than enough for most home uses.

Audio Quality

It’s not often you look at the audio quality on a home cinema projector. If the projector comes with onboard speakers, it’s rare to find anything over 10W. Usually, consumers rely on their external sound system but it’s different with the PX1 Pro.

Not only does it come with 30W internal speakers. You also have the advantage of listening to Dolby Atmos-supported audio. Dialogue is crisp and sound effects are impressive.


  • Produces incredibly immersive images and colors
  • Onboard 30W speakers
  • Automatically detects gaming consoles
  • Flexible installation
  • 4K resolution


  • The light source might be too dim to use the projector in some areas

Gaming Quality

You can easily find mixed-entertainment projectors, but it’s harder to find one that excels at all types of media. Not only is the PX1 Pro a great option for movie lovers, but it also comes with features gamers will appreciate.

Along with a relatively fast 60Hz refresh rate in 4K resolution, the projector also comes with a high-speed HDMI input. Add in the gaming mode function, and gamers can enjoy a virtually lag-free experience. The projector comes with an auto low latency mode. It automatically adjusts the settings when it detects a gaming console.

Ease of Installation and Set-Up

Setting the projector up doesn’t take long. It has a short-throw ratio, so you aren’t going to need a lot of space for 100” images. The shorter distance also helps to balance the lower light source. Since the projector is closer to the screen, less ambient light gets in the way. This Hisense 120l5f review might be relevant to you.

The projector uses an Android TV interface, making it a breeze to download and install apps. You can also use the Chromecast function to mirror streaming content from your compatible tablet or phone.

Consumer Impressions

Hisense PX1 Pro

When it comes to color and image clarity, consumers agree the PX1 Pro is worth its price. They also like the onboard 30W Dolby Atmos speakers. Gamers appreciate the automatic low latency function but wish they could speed up the refresh rate. The Android TV interface is a bonus. Consumers also like the short-throw ratio. It gives them a more flexible installation.


The Hisense PX1 Pro home cinema projector is taking entertainment to the next level. It comes with award-winning technology that produces realistic images, and you don’t even need to add external speakers.

While the PX1 Pro comes with almost everything you need for your mixed-entertainment setup, it also has a high price tag. (>>> Check current price on ProjectorScreen)