How To Connect A Phone To A Projector Using USB

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Connecting your phone to the projector is a convenient option. Some projectors allow you to control its various functions through a downloadable app. You can also stream content from your phone to the projector, but only when the two components are connected. Most projectors come with several ports for HDMI and USB cables. You simply connect the right cable to your phone and the projector.

Not all projectors come with USB ports, especially older models. It doesn’t mean that you can’t connect your phone, only that you’ll need to take a few more steps. Keep reading, to learn how to connect a phone to a projector using USB.

How to Connect a Phone to a Projector Using USB

Even though using a dedicated USB port is the easiest way to connect a phone to your projector, there are other options.

Check Your Projector

Your projector is lacking a USB port, but it may have one for an HDMI connection. It’s a little more complicated using HDMI, you will need more than a cable. You also have to pick up an adapter. You can’t plug a USB cord from your phone into an HDMI port.

Some older projectors only come with a VGA port. You can still use it to connect your phone, but you need a VGA adaptor. The small component isn’t hard to find, but it’s not as reliable as HDMI adaptors. Signal interference is a common problem.

What Are Your Phone’s Capabilities?

Not all mobile phones support the same connections. For example, Samsung mobile devices support an HDMI adaptor. Connect the adapter to the device, and you can send content from the phone’s USB port to the HDMI one on the projector.

Older model phones often use a mobile high-definition link (MHL). Not all phones support the same MHL version so check your device before purchasing an adaptor. Like the HDMI adaptor, the MHL model plugs into the phone’s USB port and connects to the projector.

Generic vs Brand Name Adaptors

You already know that you have to have the right adapter for your phone. An HDMI adaptor won’t work if your phone only supports MHL. Projectors with VGA only ports also need a compatible adaptor.

There isn’t a shortage of generic adaptors, regardless of what your phone supports. You will save a few dollars, but you often don’t get the quality signal you’re looking for. Streaming content is often interrupted. The adaptors also need frequent replacing. The inexpensive components are not designed to withstand a lot of daily wear and tear.

Brand-name adaptors are priced higher. You are paying more, but the adaptors last longer. You also have less risk of interference or a dropped signal from your phone to the projector. Ideally, the adaptor is the same brand as your phone. It helps ensure that both components are compatible.

Connecting Your Phone to the Projector

When both your phone and projector come with USB ports, all you need is a simple USB cable. Connect the cable to the devices, and you’re ready to go. There may be an app to download and install on your phone, but it only takes a few seconds.

Without the USB port on the projector, you’ll need the right adaptor. Checking your phone and projector will let you know which type of adaptor you need. From there, connect the adaptor to the phone’s USB port. Connect the cable to the adaptor, and finally to the projector. >>>This “Best projectors for presentations” buyers guide might be relevant to you.

Use Your Phone with Your Projector

When you want to know how to connect a phone to a projector USB, it’s simpler than you might think. Hopefully, you only need a USB cable. If not, then add the right adaptor to your shopping list. Even using an adaptor it’s still easy to connect both devices. The only difference is, you have one more component to connect.