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The NX5 from JVC produces stunningly realistic images with dynamic colors. It’s a mid-priced, native 4K projector that comes with all of the features you expect. The all-glass lens ensures accurate colors. It also has a low input lag that will make avid gamers happy. It’s also easy to set up on a stand or table.

In this JVC NX5 review, we’ll see if the 4K projector is worth its price tag. (>>> Check current price on Amazon)

JVC NX5 Review of Specifications:

Contrast Ratio400,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)1,800 ANSI
Input Lag40ms
Throw Distance12.3' - 20.7'
Screen size60" - 201"
Internal SpeakersNo

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The DLA-NX5 is a hefty projector that’s not designed for small spaces. However, if you have the room you’ll enjoy an immersive viewing experience whether you’re watching a show or playing a game.

Image Quality

Even discriminating viewers won’t complain about image quality. The NX5 uses a 17-element all-glass 15-group 65mm lens. Colors are bright and accurate, with brilliant whites and inky blacks. HDR10 support, along with automatic tone mapping ensure onscreen images are realistic with plenty of details.

The 1,800 lumens light source is enough to counteract dim lights. Bright sunlight will cause the images to appear faded but closing the blinds will resolve the problem.

Gaming Quality

You’ll never want to go back to gaming on a TV or laptop after using the NX5. The motion drive feature ensures smooth frame-by-frame action in fast-paced games. The projector also boasts two 18Gbps HDMI inputs so you can easily connect your external devices.

The input lag is acceptable for most games at 40ms. You might notice a slight delay with first-person shooter games, but you won’t have any problems with quests and RPGs.


  • Dynamic contrast
  • Bright, realistic colors
  • Flexible installation
  • Acceptable input lag
  • HDMI ports


  • Its hefty weight makes it difficult to move around
  • The projector doesn’t come with onboard speakers

Ease of Installation and Set-Up

Be prepared for the projector’s weight. It’s heavy at 45lbs. It’s not a projector you want to keep moving around. It’s designed for table mounting which is a little easier than installing wall or ceiling brackets. You also need plenty of space if you want to throw 100” images. You’ll need at least 12’ between the projector lens and the screen.

It’s pretty easy to align the onscreen images. You can center the projector with the screen. A lens memory feature “remembers” the position and adjusts automatically. Digital keystone correction, along with vertical and horizontal lens shift allows you to fine-tune the images.

Consumer Impressions

JVC NX5 connections

When it comes to image quality, everyone agrees that colors are bright and accurate. Images are detailed, and it’s not hard to get the picture aligned on the screen. Even though it is a table- mounted 4k projector, it is heavy. Its weight and lack of included streaming apps are the two primary complaints from consumers.


The JVC NX5 is an impressive 4K projector. It falls into the low to mid-price range making it surprisingly affordable. It does have a few downsides, starting with its weight. It’s not a portable 4k projector. It’s also lacking some features like built-in speakers and streaming apps.

Even though the NX5 may not come with everything you want, you can’t complain about image quality. It produces vivid, realistic images that will make you feel like you’re watching movies at the theater. The all-glass lens, combined with dynamic contrast produces crisp, clear images without any fading or rainbow effects.

Add in a low latency lag and motion enhance technology and you get smooth frame action from role-playing games too fast-paced sports.

If you’re looking for an affordable 4K projector that has something for everyone, the NX5 from JVC is worth taking a look at. (>>> Check on ProjectorScreen)