JVC NX5 vs NX7


JVC has an impressive line of home theater projectors designed to produce immersive images. The projectors come with advanced technology ensuring optimal picture quality every time you turn it on. Comparing the various models isn’t always easy due to their similarities, and the JVC NX5 vs the NX7 is no exception.

The NX7 is priced noticeably higher, but you also get better image quality. The NX5 also produces stunning images and comes at a lower price, but it is lacking some of the features you get with the NX7 (>>> Check on Amazon).

If you need more information before making your final decision here’s a closer look at what each projector has to offer.

JVC NX5 vs NX7 Specifications:

Contrast Ratio400,000:1800,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)1,800 ANSI1,900 ANSI
Input lag40ms40ms
Throw Distance12.3' - 20.7'12.3' - 20.7'
Screen size60" - 201"60" - 201"
Internal SpeakersNoNo

Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

Each of these projectors has something to offer and one will be an ideal addition to your home entertainment system.

Image Quality

Both projectors boast 4K resolution for incredibly clear and detailed images. HDR10 technology further optimizes onscreen pictures for realistic colors. The NX7 does have a noticeably higher contrast ratio, at 800,000:1. It’s twice what you get with the NX5. Colors are more dynamic, especially blacks and whites.

The lumens rating is similar with either projector. Low lights aren’t a problem, but brighter lighting will cause images to appear washed out.

Better Image Quality: JVC NX7

Gaming Quality

With all of the built-in technology, gamers will still be disappointed in both models. They have a 40ms input lag that is too slow for most games. Single-player card and puzzle games will work fine, but avid gamers won’t be impressed.

Better Gaming Quality: JVC NX5 & JVC NX7

Ease of Installation and Set-Up

These projectors are designed for permanent installation. They are heavy models, around 40lbs. You also need 12’ of space to cast 100” images.

Aligning onscreen images isn’t hard. You get digital keystone correction and manual functions to fine-tune image clarity. The NX5 is a little easier to set up. It’s almost ready to go as soon as you plug the projector in. With the JVC NX7, you have to manually download software before you can start streaming content.

Easier Installation: JVC NX5



The NX5 is a 4K projector with a 400,000:1 contrast ratio. You get crisp details and immersive colors. The 17-element glass lens and dynamic iris further enhance image clarity. HDR10 support ensures realistic colors, and auto tone mapping optimizes each frame.

It is 3D compatible and can play images side-by-side. The clear motion drive function keeps action movies and live sports playing smoothly without any lag or blurry images. The function also ensures games play smoothly, but the 40ms latency speed is not designed for first-person shooter games.

When it comes to installing the projector, it’s easier than you might think. The built-in interface is simple to operate, and you have multiple ports for your external devices. It is a sturdy projector designed for permanent installation. It’s not one you want to move around.

Even if it’s your first time using a 4K projector, you won’t have issues with image alignment. Lens shift and digital keystone correction easily center images on the screen. It does have a long throw ratio and a low lumens rating. It’s something to think about before you install the projector. Click here for our more detailed JVC NX5 review.


  • Dynamic colors
  • Glass lens
  • 3D support
  • Easy image alignment
  • 4K resolution


  • The low lumens rating limits where you can install the projector



The NX7 comes with all of the image-enhancing technology you expect from a JVC projector. It comes with a 65mm glass lens and supports HDR10 and HLG technologies. For added depth and dimension to colors, you also get automatic tone mapping. You don’t have to manually adjust the color settings, the projector does it for you. Add in the 800,000:1 contrast ratio and you get dynamic colors across the spectrum.

The lumens rating at 1,900 is a little low. You don’t want to install the projector in a bright space. It will limit when you can use the projector. It’s also a hefty model, you don’t want to move it after installation is complete.

It comes with connections for your external devices and requires little setup. Some users may have to download the software before using the projector, but it only takes a few minutes. After installing the update, you’ll have more control of picture quality.

Aligning onscreen images is a breeze with digital keystone correction and lens shift. It won’t take hours to center the picture. Click here for our more detailed JVC NX7 review.


  • 4K resolution
  • 3D compatible
  • Dynamic contrast
  • HDR10 and HLG support
  • Clear Motion Drive technology


  • The input lag is too slow for most gamers, even with motion enhancement technology


The JVC NX5 and the NX7 are both impressive 4K home cinema projectors. You get amazing image clarity with either model, but the NX7 does produce a more dynamic picture (>>> Find on ProjectorScreen). It also comes with image enhancement technology missing from the NX5.

The downside with the NX7 is its price. It is not an inexpensive model. The NX5 is priced lower and comes with similar technology.

When you are trying to decide between the two JVC projectors, take a minute to consider what you need in your home.