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Do you want images that go beyond 4K resolution? While 8K content isn’t the new normal yet, you can find home theater projectors that come closer to producing the higher resolution. You get incredibly sharp and detailed images with brilliant colors and dynamic contrast. Projectors like the NZ8 from JVC also come at a higher than average price, making consumers wonder if they are worth the cost.

In this JVC NZ8 review, we’ll take a look at what this home theater projector has to offer to see if it’s worth the price. (>>> Find on Projectorscreen)

JVC NZ8 Review of Specifications:

8K w/pixel shifting
Contrast Ratio80,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,500 ANSI
Input LagNo data
Throw Distance12.3' - 20.7'
Screen size60" - 201"
Internal SpeakersNo

Image Quality

The NZ8 is the first home theater projector to support an 8K input. It upgrades your content with e-shiftX technology to give you over 17 million pixels per frame. The multiple pixel control technology ensures images are accurate to the original pictures.

Adding to the impressive image technology is the cinema filter. Combined with the D-ILA display, you get saturated and immersive images with accurate colors. A dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000:1 produces inky blacks and crisp whites. HDR10+ support and automatic frame adapt HDR technology further optimizes image clarity.

The only downside to the image quality is the relatively low lumens rating. The 17-element all-glass lens does help with image brightness, but some ambient light can still be a problem. The BLU-Escent laser light produces 2,500 lumens. It’s bright enough to counteract some light, but you may want to darken the room during the day.


The NZ8 doesn’t come with the most robust connection panel, but you get more than enough in and outputs for most of your devices.

Along with mini-jacks and one for 3D syncing, the NZ8 also comes with dual HDMI ports. You may have to disconnect a component to use another, but the minor inconvenience is worth the stunning image quality.


  • 8K upscaling support
  • Ease to operate
  • 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • Long-lasting laser light source (up to 20,000 hours)
  • Full HD 3D support


  • The projector’s weight is too heavy for most wall and ceiling mounts
  • You have to connect external speakers for audio

Ease of Installation

Get ready to use some muscles installing this projector. It weighs around 50lbs, and this can limit its installation possibilities. Most ceiling and wall mounts are rated for around 30lbs, you may have to install this projector on a sturdy table or shelf. >>> Learn How To Hang A Projector Screen From The Ceiling

Thankfully, you can find mounts capable of supporting the projector’s weight. Depending on the room’s dimensions, you may need to use the mount to cast 100” images. The NZ8 has a relatively long throw distance. You need at least 14 feet when you are using a 100-inch screen.

Ease of Use

Even though you may run into some difficulties installing the NZ8, mainly due to its hefty weight, the projector is a breeze to use.

Beginners and experienced home projector uses will appreciate the automatic calibration function. It takes care of optimizing image color and clarity to fit your space. It also comes with plenty of manual functions, making it easy to fine-tune images to meet your viewing preferences. Along with aspect and digital keystone correction, it also comes with 2x power zoom.

Another great feature is the ten memory slots. You can save your image setting preferences, so the projector is ready to go next time you want to watch movies and shows.

JVC NZ8 connections

Consumer Impressions

When it comes to image quality, consumers only have positive reviews. They love how detailed on-screen images are, along with the vibrant colors. They also appreciate how easy the projector is to use, especially with the ability to save favorite settings. Consumers note the projector is a little harder to install than some other models. Its price also makes potential buyers stop and think before committing to the purchase.


The JVC NZ8 is priced higher than some other dedicated home theater projectors, but it’s worth the investment if image quality is the most important aspect.

It comes with 8K upscaling technology, giving you over 17 million pixels on the screen. You get cinematic-quality images with crisp details and realistic colors. A long-lasting laser light source ensures you don’t need to worry about replacements for at least 20,000 hours. It’s also a breeze to operate once the projector is installed.

Even though the lumens rating could be a little higher, and its weight limits installation flexibility, it’s still worth the investment if you are in the market for a high-end dedicated home cinema projector. (>>> Check on Projectorscreen)