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The LG Cinebeam line of projectors is one of the more popular series on the market today. The HU715Q is a perfect example of what makes these full-featured projectors so popular. It combines some of the most useful technology that makes this a good buy for gamers and movie fanatics alike.

This LG Cinebeam HU715Q review will describe the features of this projector and illustrate what it does well and what issues you might run into if you decide to purchase one for your home theater (>>> Find on Amazon).

LG Cinebeam HU715Q Review of Specifications:

LG Cinebeam HU715Q
Contrast Ratio2,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,500 ANSI
Throw Distance1.3' - 1.9'
Screen size80" - 120"
Internal Speakers20.0 Watts × 2
PriceFind on Amazon

This projector starts with an advanced laser phosphor beam that has a long 20,000 hour burn time and produces excellent color distinction. It adds a brightness enhancer tech that further maximizes the quality of the image. A 2,500 ANSI lumen rating means it has adequate power for generating bright images in most rooms, even when ambient light is difficult to control.

One of the best features about this projector is its ultra-short throw projection. It is intended to create the largest size images from the smallest distance to open up new options for your theater or viewing room layout. The maximum screen size is 120-inches, which the projector needs slightly less than two feet to create.

Enhancing Features

An enhancing feature that sets this projector apart from others is the built-in dual 20 watt speakers. It is more than loud enough and does a surprisingly good job of handling low frequency sounds to provide a believable experience. Very few projectors on the market are equipped with 40 watt speakers, even in the upper price ranges.

The HU715Q has Apple TV and AI ThinQ OS built-in to provide you access to apps for streaming movies, television, and music. It uses AirPlay 2 so you’ll be able to use voice commands to control the projector, a handy solution when the lights are out and the remote goes missing.

This projector has support for HDR10, giving you the option for enhanced resolution and high-quality content from compatible sources. HDR10 is particularly beneficial when watching live sports that are telecast in HDR for enhancing the vividness and sharpening the image.


  • Ultra short throw projectors are ideal for smaller spaces or minimalistic rooms and this is one of the best
  • Produces an excellent, clear image in most lighting conditions using an advanced laser and color control system


  • Requires a high-quality screen to get the most out of the detail which can significantly add to the cost
  • White body and gray fabric faceplate might not suit everyone’s decor

Installation Options and Alignment

LG Cinebeam HU715Q connections

The HU715Q can be mounted in many unique positions to get it where you want it to be. It works perfect on a shelf or small table below the screen and equally well mounted on the ceiling. Due to the short throw of the lens, it will need to be very close to the screen to work, so the best location for mounting the projector will depend on your furniture and the layout of your screen.

Aligning a projector is often the most frustrating part of the process. The HU715Q offers a few adjustments that can help dial in the screen proportions for a perfect image. Among the technology, the HU715Q provides 4-, 9-, and 15-point warping, keystone correction, and manual or powered focus options to set the projector to a perfect viewing point. Check the comparison versus LG HU85LA.


The LG Cinebeam HU715Q stacks up well against the competition and offers an excellent image with the technology to produce great results on complicated images, like fast-paced action movies, live sports, and video games (>>> Check on Projectorscreen). The built-in speakers are excellent and provide enough volume that hooking up to an AVR isn’t really necessary.

There are few things not to like about the HU715Q. There are a few projectors that have higher specs, but when put side-by-side against this projector, they don’t look quite as nice. It would be nice to see a more inclusive AI program because buyers that have Google Assistant as their primary connectivity will have to use AirPlay 2 as a stand alone.