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Are you looking for a home projector but don’t have a lot of space? You need an ultra-short-throw projector like the HF65LA from LG. It’s a compact and lightweight home theater projector that needs a few inches to produce brilliant 100” images.

The projector is also easy to set-up and comes with several features. However, do you really get cinematic quality images with the compact projector? (>>> Check on Amazon)

In this LG HF65LA review, we’ll take a closer look at the ultra-short-throw projector.

LG HF65LA Review of Specifications:

Contrast Ratio150,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)1,000 ANS
Throw Distance1.4' - 2.3'
Screen size60" - 100"
Internal Speakers3.0 Watts × 2

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Picture quality is something everyone considers, and you get cinematic images with the HF65LA. The projector does have a few limitations that may not work in your space.

Image Quality

HD resolution combined with a 150,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio give you crisp, detailed images on all of your streaming content. Colors are true-to-life, without dark or hot spots on the screen. TruMotion technology ensures frame-by-frame action is smooth. You won’t have blurry images when you’re watching sports or fast-paced action movies.

Where the LG ultra-short-throw projector is lacking is with image brightness. The LED light source will last up to 30,000 hours, but only has a lumens rating of 1,000. Onscreen images will appear washed out in bright light. If you don’t have a dedicated theater room or can darken the space, you are limited on when you can use the HF65LA

Ease of Installation and Set-up

The HF65LA is a compact and lightweight projector. At 5lbs, it’s easily portable and simple to install. Set the projector down 4” away from the screen and turn it on to enjoy 100” images. At a distance of one inch, you get an immersive 60” picture. The HF65LA is perfect for use in cramped spaces.

Four-corner digital keystone correction allows you to perfectly center onscreen images. Pictures are aligned from the corners to prevent any blank or white edges that can distract from your viewing experience.


  • Ultra-short-throw distance
  • Easy installation
  • Vivid colors
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Smart TV interface


  • The projector does not support 3D content in any format
  • It has a low lumens rating that limits when and where the projector can be used


Along with HDMI and USB ports for your external devices, the HF65LA also supports Bluetooth sound. The projector wirelessly connects to your external Bluetooth speakers or soundbar for surround sound.

The smart TV operating system allows you to download your favorite streaming apps. The projector is also Wi-Fi-enabled so you can stream content from your mobile devices.

Consumer Impressions

LG HF65LA connections

Everyone agrees the HF65LA is a lightweight, ultra-short-throw projector that’s easy to setup. Consumers also like that it’s portable, especially considering its low lumens rating. They can move it when needed. Images are vivid and detailed, just what consumers expect from an LG projector. They also appreciate its connectivity that includes both wired and wireless. >>>You might want to consider the LG HU85LS projector too.


Part of the brand’s line of ultra-short-throw projectors, the LG HF65LA is a lightweight, portable projector that only needs inches between the lens and screen for 100” images. (>>> Check current price on Bhphotovideo)

You won’t have a problem installing the projector. It doesn’t need mounting, just set it down in front of the screen. Four-corner correction automatically aligns images so you can sit back and enjoy the movie. You also have plenty of connectivity options from ports to Bluetooth and wireless support. Add in the LG smart TV interface, and you’ll never run out of content to watch.

You will notice a downside when it comes to the LED light source. It is long-lasting, but it also has a low lumens rating. Bright light will be a problem, and this can be the determining factor in whether this is the right ultra-short-throw projector for your entertainment setup.