One component that every home entertainment system should have is a laser projector and LG has an impressive line with the HU85LA and the HU85LS. Both are short-throw projectors that are ideal for small spaces, produce stunning picture quality, come with smart features, and are easy to use and install.

At first glance it’s difficult to find any differences between these two LG projectors, however, there are a few that make the HU85LA the better option. >>> Find on Amazon If you’re still not sure which projector is best for you, it helps to compare the LG HU85LA vs the LG HU85LS side by side.


Resolution3840x21603840 x 2160
Contrast Ratio2,000,000:12,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,700 ANSI2,700 ANSI
Throw Distance1.3' - 1.7' 1’5” – 1’11”
Screen size90.00" - 120.00"90.00" - 120.00"
Input lag50-55ms50-55ms

Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

Picture Quality

With either of these LG laser projectors, you’ll enjoy stunning picture quality since both models come with the same technology. The 3-channel laser light produces bright, clear 4K resolution images with colors that are true to life. Action frames are smooth and seamless thanks to LG’s TruMotion technology.

Dynamic Tone Mapping and HDR10 support ensure colors are accurate, and each frame is optimized before appearing on the screen. Regardless of which model you choose, you won’t have any complaints with picture quality.

Better Picture Quality: LG HU85LALG HU85LS

Installation and Ease of Use

Since these are short-throw projectors you won’t need a lot of space to enjoy 120” on-screen images. Along with flexible installation, it’s also easy to center the images. Even though it’s not hard to align the HU85LS, the HU85LA makes it a little easier.

The LG HU85LA comes with an automatic image adjustment feature that centers the picture for you. It doesn’t matter if the projected is ceiling mounted or placed on a table, the 12-point auto-correction technology will ensure that the picture perfectly fills up the screen.

Easier installation: LG HU85LA

Smart Technology

The LG HU85LA does come with more smart features than the HU85LS. Both boast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled with audio commands. Along with Google Home and Alexa built-in, you also have Miracast technology so you can stream content from apps and other connected devices.

Where the HU85LA comes out ahead is with its webOS interface for smart TVs. You can download content apps directly to the laser projector without having to plugin sticks and other streaming devices.

Better Smart Technology: LG HU85LA



The HU85LA is a short-throw projector that only needs about 2’ feet of space from the screen making it perfect for apartments and other small areas. The 2,700 lumens lamp ensures images are bright even when you don’t use blackout curtains. >>> Check current price on Amazon

4K resolution and a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio ensures images are detailed and colors accurate. When you add in the 3-channel laser and TruMotion technology you’ll be amazed at the image clarity, even on action frames.

What sets the HU85LA apart from others in the series is its included smart features. You can control the projector with your voice, using either Alexa or Google Home. The webOS technology lets you download your content apps directly to the projector. You don’t need to connect a Firestick or other content streaming device.

There is even a smart feature for image alignment, instead of the standard manual keystone correction. It will automatically center your images on the screen no matter how you have the projector installed.


  • Multiple HDMI and USB ports
  • Excellent contrast ratio and accurate colors
  • Smart technology included
  • Easy to install and set up


  • The two built-in speakers are not capable of producing theater-quality sound.



Not only does the HU85LS look like the other home projectors in the series, but it is also capable of producing the same image clarity. TruMotion technology ensures that every frame is smooth, even during fast-paced action. 4K resolution and a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio gives you images that are bright with details defined. >>> Check current price on Amazon

Controlling the light in the room won’t be a problem with the 2,700 lumens projector lamp. You’ll still be able to see the images even if the room isn’t completely dark. It’s also a breeze to set up, and the manual keystone correction allows you to perfectly center the images on the screen.

The HU85LS does come with Google Home and Alexia for voice control. You can also stream content from other devices via MiraCast. If you don’t want to use audio to control the projector, it also comes with LG’s Magic Remote. A full review of the LG HU85LS can be found here.


  • Short-throw design for easy installation
  • Smooth frame-by-frame play
  • Optimized frames for color accuracy
  • Simple installation
  • Voice and remote control


  • It can be difficult to adjust the on-screen images if the projector is ceiling mounted.


Whether you decide on the LG HU85LA or the LG HU85LS you’ll get impressive picture quality even in ambient lighting. Both projectors have a flexible installation and come with plenty of smart features to make using it a breeze.

The LG HU85LA does come out on top when the projectors are compared. >>> Check current price on ProjectorScreenIt comes with additional smart features that include automatic image alignment which is a bonus when the projector is on the ceiling.