Whether you are a movie lover or can’t go a day without playing a game, images always look better with a 4k projector. Colors are crisper and more vivid. Even black and other dark colors have more depth. Gamers know how important it is to clearly see each level, and no one wants to miss any action when they’re watching their favorite movies.

There are plenty of 4k projectors to choose from and two stand out from the rest. Both are short-throw projectors that make set up a breeze.

While easy installation is a bonus, it’s not all that you want from a home theater projector. When it comes to the LG HU85LA vs VAVA both are at the top of consumer lists, but is one better than the other? In this article, we’ll take a look at both models so you’ll know which 4k home projector is better In our opinion, the  LG HU85LA is the best buy for your money (>>> Check how much it costs on Amazon).

LG HU85LA vs VAVA Specs:

Contrast Ratio2,000,000:11,500,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,700 ANSI6000 (2500 ANSI lumens)
Throw Distance1.3' - 1.7' 1.4' - 2.5'
Screen size90" - 120"80”-150”
Input lag50-55ms100ms
Wireless ConnectivityYESYES
PriceFind on Amazon

Since both of these home theater projectors come with plenty of features, it’s easier to compare them side-by-side. You’ll know what each projector offers, and if there are any downsides.

Picture Quality

One important feature of any projector is image quality, and both models deliver. Images are clearer, crisper, and brighter thanks to the 4k and HDR 10 compatible technology. Even animated pictures are smoother and more realistic.

The inclusion of the HDR 10 technology ensures that every frame is optimized for image quality. Image contrast is also exceptional. VANA boasts1,500,000:1 while the LG model has a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. Images are noticeably sharper, even darker colors which can be important to gamers depending on the game’s graphics.

The LG model also stands out with its 3-channel laser technology that uses both red and blue laser lights to prevent any color loss. Click here for more laser projector options.

Better Video Quality: LG HU85LA


Chances are you want to connect more than one device to the short-throw projector, and both models come with several ports.

Both have HDMI and USB ports, along with optical outputs. The LG projector also has a USB-C port. You can also use your phone for Bluetooth connectivity with either projector.

More connectivity Options: LG HU85LA

Suitability for Gaming

Lag time is a problem for serious and casual gamers. It refers to the amount of time it takes for the signal from your gaming system to be received by the projector, and is measured in milliseconds. Generally, gamers do not want the input lag to be above 50ms.

The LG HU85LA 4k projector does come with Instand Game Mode. When the feature is turned on, lag time averages 75ms. You can improve the time to around 57ms by turning the Smooth Motion feature off but this can affect color quality.

Even casual gamers might have problems with the VAVA projector. While the images are clear, you do not have the advantage of a ‘gaming mode’ and the lag time averages 101.2ms.

Better for gaming: LG HU85LA



There’s a lot to love about this short-throw 4k projector by LG. It is incredibly easy to set up, even in small areas. Adjusting the image is also a breeze, thanks to the 12 functions. With a few simple adjustments, you will have images centered.

With the 4k HDR 10 technology images are crisp and clear. The dynamic tone mapping ensures that every frame has optimized color clarity. TruMotion technology gives animated frames a smoother look and brings colors to life. However, when the gaming feature is turned on you will need to turn off the TruMotion mode to improve lag time.

The one feature the projector doesn’t have is a color wheel. Instead, it comes with a 3-channel laser. Unlike a color-wheel that only reflects colors from one light, the laser separates primary colors so images are brighter and more dynamic.

Connectivity won’t be an issue with the LG HU85LA. It is Bluetooth compatible and comes equipped with Alexa. For added ease of use, you also have Google Assistant, along with LG ThinQ AI that will help with installation and accessing the projector’s menu. You can also stream your favorite content apps directly to the projector.


  • Easy to install
  • 4k and HDR 10 compatible
  • Long-lasting laser light
  • Compatible with most content streaming apps


  • Priced higher than some competitors.
  • The built-in speakers may not have the power you want for a home theater sound system.



If you are looking for a top-rated 4k projector but are on a budget, the VAVA deserves a look. It is easy to set up, even in dorm rooms. You do not need a lot of space to use this short-throw projector.

With 4k HDR 10 technology, colors are deeper, contrasts more defined, and images are sharper. The contrast ratio exceeds that found on standard movie theater projectors, so you know images will look amazing on the 100” screen.

Gamers, along with everyone else will appreciate the various multimedia ports. You can easily connect all of your favorite devices. Even though connectivity won’t be an issue, this projector is not designed for serious gamers. It does lack a gaming mode, and it’s lag times are around 101.2ms. If you are looking for a 4k gaming projector, you might be disappointed.

You will also appreciate the long-lasting laser light. With 2500 ANSI lumens, images are clear regardless of the room’s lighting. You can also use the projector 4 hours a day, for 17 years, before the laser light needs to be replaced.


  • Budget-friendly price point
  • Long-lasting laser light
  • 4k HDR 10 technology
  • Built-in Harman Kardon soundbar
  • Easy installation


  • Long input lag times might not be suitable for gaming.
  • The noise from the cooling fan is loud and can disrupt the movie, show, or game.


There is a lot to like about both of these 4k projectors. They are easy to install and produce amazingly crisp and clear images. Both models are also designed to last for years, even with daily use.

While the VAVA short-throw projector does cost less, it also has a few drawbacks. The fan noise can be disruptive, and it’s not designed for serious gaming. If you are willing to pay a little more, the LG model is worth the extra expense.

Lighter in weight, quieter, and offering plenty of connectivity options, you can watch movies, stream your favorite shows, and play games with LG’s 4k HDR 10 home theater projector.