LG HU915QE vs HU915QB


Spring is often the season manufacturers reveal their new products, and it applies to LG. In 2022, the company released two new projectors in their popular CineBeam line. These projectors build on existing technology and take it a step further. The two new LG models boast improved image quality and onboard features, but is one a better option over the other?

You get a brighter image with the HU915QE, and it has a slightly lower price. However, the HU915QB uses advanced technology to produce stunning images with realistic colors (>>> Check on Amazon).

We’ll compare the LG HU915QE vs the LG HU915QB so you can choose the best model for your home entertainment setup.

LG HU915QE Vs LG HU915QB Specifications:

Contrast Ratio2,000,000:12,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,700 ANSI3,000 ANSI
Throw Distance1.2' - 1.7'1.2' - 1.7'
Screen size90" - 120"90" - 120"
Internal Speakers20.0 Watts × 220.0 Watts × 2
PriceFind on Amazon
Find on Amazon


Multiple factors affect image quality which includes its ability to deal with outside light. Comparing the two LG projectors side-by-side highlights the differences, making one a better fit in specific spaces.

The HU915QB can handle most ambient light with its 3,000 lumens rating. However, if the room has plenty of large windows or a skylight, the 3,700 lumens light source on the HU915QE will keep onscreen images from appearing washed out.

Best Lumens Rating: LG HU915QE

Image Quality

At first glance, it seems both projectors use the same technology to produce amazing images. True 4K resolution ensures crisp details, while the IRIS and Adaptive Contrast modes optimize image contrast for brilliant whites and inky, rich blacks. Both models also use TruMotion technology to prevent blurry live-action images. The projectors can keep up with live sports and fast-paced video games.

The HU915QB goes a little further with its color technology. It produces more accurate colors across and beyond the standard DCI-P3 spectrum. Images are more realistic regardless of the type of content.

Best Image Quality: LG HU915QB


Image quality doesn’t matter when you can’t connect your devices, but it’s not an issue with either model. Both 4K projectors boast multiple HDMI inputs, along with USB and LAN ports. You can easily connect multiple devices with either projector.

Streaming content is a breeze. The projectors are compatible with most of the popular subscription services. Connect Netflix, Apple TV+, YouTube, and more thanks to the onboard web OS 6.0 system.

Best in Connectivity: LG HU915QE & LG HU915QB

Ease of Installation and Setup

Don’t let the projectors’ sleek, modern design fool you, both weigh over 25 pounds with the HU915QB coming in at a little over 35 pounds. These are not projectors you want to constantly move around.

These are short-throw 4K projectors, meaning you can cast 100” images with less than two feet of space. Either one is a good option for dorm rooms, dens, and other small spaces. The short-throw distance makes it easy to align onscreen images, simply move the projector a little to the left or right. You can also take advantage of the anti-wrapping correction technology to center the images.

Easiest to Install and Setup: LG HU915QE & LG HU915QB

LG HU915QE Review


The HU915QE is a sleek projector with a design you aren’t going to mind sitting out on a shelf or table. Don’t forget it weighs slightly over 25 pounds, the projector is heavier than it looks. With two feet or less, you can cast 120” images. It will make you feel like you are sitting in the cinema.

The feeling of watching movies on the big screen is further enhanced with HDR dynamic support and adaptive contrast technology. Combined with the 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, you get accurate colors and realistic images. The DLP display eliminates issues with rainbowing, while individual lasers produce exceptionally bright and clear colors.

Multiple ports and compatibility with most subscription streaming services ensure you can easily watch your favorite content. Onboard 40-watt speakers are a slight improvement over most integrated smart TV audio systems. With that being said, you will still want to take advantage of the Bluetooth connections. It allows you to add two external speakers for a surround sound experience.


  • 4K resolution
  • HDR tone mapping support
  • 3,700 lumens rating
  • Voice control functionality with Alexa
  • Multiple ports for expansive connectivity


  • The short-throw projector does not support 3D content

LG HU915QB Review


At first glance, the HU915QB seems the same as the previous model, except for the higher price. Installation and setup are the same, but it does weigh about ten pounds more. With less than two feet of space, you can throw 120” images and anti-wrapping technology makes image alignment a breeze.

Connectivity is also similar. The projector comes with multiple HDMI and USB ports to name a few. The integrated web operating system and interface are the same. You can easily connect your subscription streaming services and Amazon Alexa allows for easy operation.

You will notice the lumens rating is lower at 3,000. It’s not going to make a difference in most spaces, but it is something to consider.

Where the HU915QB stands out and makes it worth the price, is the image quality. The projector uses a DLP display and three laser light sources with advanced technology that goes beyond the standard DCI-P3 spectrum. The colors are more vivid and realistic, including blacks and image contrast.


  • Native 4K resolution
  • Advanced color technology beyond the standard spectrum
  • Integrated speakers
  • Voice control feature
  • Short-throw distance for easy installation


  • The light source may not be bright enough to counteract all ambient light


The spring 2022 release of the HU915QE and HU915QB from LG is worth the wait. Both are true 4K, short-throw projectors and come with several of the same features. Find a comparison of the previous generation LG projectors: LG Cinebeam HU715Q vs HU85LA

You have plenty of connectivity, including an onboard web operating system. Even the 20-watt integrated speakers are a step up from most other models. While the similarities outweigh the differences, there are considerations. The HU915QE is noticeably lower in price and produces a brighter picture. However, if image quality is a primary concern the HU915QB is the winner (>>> Check on Projectorscreen).