Optoma CinemaX Pro vs P2

Optoma’s line of CinemaX projectors boast a flexible installation, impressive image, and sound quality, and they work seamlessly with most smart home systems. It’s a versatile line of home theater projectors that include the CinemaX Pro and P2.

Both models are ultra-short throw projectors with high-quality built-in sound but comparing the Optoma CinemaX Pro vs the P2, you notice a few differences. The CinemaX Pro produces brighter, sharper images, and is easier to install, but this doesn’t mean you should ignore the P2. Before you pick one projector over the other, take a closer look at their specifications. You may find the one you wanted is the best fit for your entertainment needs. (>>> Find on Projectorpeople)

Optoma CinemaX Pro vs P2 Specifications:

 Optoma CinemaX ProOptoma P2
Contrast Ratio2,500,000:12,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,500 ANSI3,000 ANSI
Input Lag55ms67ms
Throw Distance1.5' - 2.2'1.5' - 2.2'
Screen size85" - 120"85" - 120"
Internal Speakers20.0 Watts × 220.0 Watts × 2
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Both projectors come with smart features, onboard sound, and produce stunning onscreen images, but there are also differences.

Image Quality

With 4k (3840×2160) resolution, dynamic contrast, and HDR10 support, you can enjoy an immersive viewing experience with either Optoma projector. The P2 produces bright images with a 3,000 light source, but the CinemaX Pro is a little better for daytime viewing. It boasts a 3,500 lumens lamp.

You get accurate colors across the spectrum with the Cinemax Pro. Unlike the P2 which uses a 6-segmented color wheel, the CinemaX Pro comes with an 8-segmented one. Add in the higher dynamic contrast ratio, and you get vibrant, realistic colors. PurColor technology further optimizes on-screen images.

Better Image Quality: Optoma CinemaX Pro

Ease of Installation and Set-Up

These are ultra-short-throw projectors. With 1.5’ between the lens and screen, you can cast 100” images. It also makes installation a breeze. You can center the projector with the screen.  Manual keystone correction allows you to easily align images, and the SmartFitt app automatically focuses and corrects any problems with alignment.

The CinemaX Pro comes with built-in SmartFitt technology. Unlike the P2, you don’t have to download the app. With an 81-point image alignment system, images are automatically centered. It’s one of the easiest 4K projectors to install and setup.

Easier Installation: Optoma CinemaX Pro

Gaming Quality

Avid gamers will be disappointed in latency speeds, though the CinemaX Pro is a little faster at 55ms. You can drop input lag to 67ms with the P2, but you have to disable the SmartFitt app.

Casual gamers will love the fast 240Hz refresh rate. Games play smoothly without blurring or frozen frames. Add in the dual 20-watt speakers, and you’ll feel like you are in the game.

Better Gaming Quality: Optoma CinemaX Pro

Optoma CinemaX Pro Review

Optoma CinemaX Pro

The CinemaX Pro comes with advanced picture technology. You get amazing image quality in most lighting. A high-performance all-glass lens, 2,000,0000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and HDR10 support ensure images a crisp and clear with vibrant colors. It’s easy to get lost in the onscreen picture when you’re watching a movie or show.

Installing a home theater projector has never been easier. An ultra-short throw distance, combined with the automatic 81-point image alignment system ensures you won’t struggle to center onscreen images. With support for IFFFT and multiple voice-control systems, it’s easy to integrate the 4k projector into your smart home.

You can easily install your favorite streaming apps via the onboard Android-based operating system. You can access Optoma’s online marketplace and download your favorite apps, often without connecting a streaming stick. Dual 20-watt speakers deliver impressive sound. You won’t get surround sound, but you can fill small rooms with crystal-clear audio.


  • Accurate colors
  • 4K resolution
  • Voice-control
  • Flexible installation
  • Dynamic contrast


  • Input lag is too slow for most gamers

Optoma CinemaX P2 Review

Optoma P2

The P2 home theater projector comes with the same smart features as other models in the series. You have support for Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also download the SmartFitt app.

The SmartFitt app makes installing the P2 a breeze. It automatically corrects image alignment, after you download the app. If the app isn’t working with the projector, you’re not out of luck. You can use manual horizontal and vertical keystone correct to align images on the screen. It also comes with digital zoom for fine-tuning image clarity.

You won’t complain about image quality with the P2. A 6-segmented color wheel produces realistic colors. Rainbowing can be an occasional issue, but it doesn’t detract from image quality. PureMotion technology ensures action frames play smoothly, and a 3,000 lumens light produces bright onscreen images. Pictures are clear and detailed, even with the lights on.


  • 4K resolution
  • IFTTT compatible
  • Bright images
  • Flexible installation
  • HDR10 support


  • The SmartFitt does not always work with the projector


There’s a lot to like about the Optoma CinemaX Pro and P2. Both produce exceptional image and audio quality and are also easy to install.

You do get a brighter, more vibrant picture with the CinemaX Pro. The onboard SmartFitt app makes installation and set-up quick and easy. The only downside is the price. The CinemaX Pro is significantly higher than the P2. (>>> Check on Projectorpeople)

Whichever model you decide is the best fit for your home, you won’t be disappointed with Optoma’s CinemaX line.