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The Optoma GT1080HDR is a great projector built with gamers in mind. It’s a short throw projector (that means it will fit well in smaller spaces) with a brightness of 3800 lumens and will project a very bright image even in rooms that are not completely dark. Check it’s pricing now on Amazon

Optoma GT1080HDR Review – Main Specifications:

Optoma GT1080HDR
Contrast Ratio50,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,800 ANSI
Throw Distance1.3' - 11.1'
Screen size36”-306”
Input lag8.4ms

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It is so bright that sometimes you have to dial the brightness down. It has a great lag input time, just over 8ms, a lightning quick 120 Hz refresh rate that is great for action-intense games that depend on a player’s reaction time, and it accepts a 4K HDR signal which it then downscales and projects it at 1080p. From a distance of only a few feet, it will fill a 100-inch screen. Its maximum projected image size is just over 300 inches.


Bulb life for the GT1080 is expected to reach 4000 hours in bright mode, 10,000 hours in Eco mode, and 15,000 hours in dynamic mode. It accepts full 3D content from 3D blu-ray players and gaming consoles. You will need to purchase 3D glasses separately.


  • 3800 lumens means ambient light won’t wash out the image
  • Good contrast and excellent color
  • Great input time lag, just over 8ms
  • Accepts 4K and 3D content
  • PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award


  • Only a 10 watt sound system
  • 4K will only play at 1080p resolution
  • No zoom
  • Subject to rainbow artifacts
  • Some users noted flickering issue

Easy installation

The projector can be ceiling mounted and has mounting holes for that purpose, but it is truly designed for tabletop operation. It is capable of +/- 40 degrees of vertical keystone correction and it can be set up slightly off-center if necessary. The GT1080 comes with two robust HDMI connection ports, one of which is a HDMI 2.0. The projector connects easily to devices such as Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Firestick and also has a VGA port. >>> Check current price on Amazon

Image Quality

Because the projector is capable of 3800 lumens, using it when ambient light is present is no problem. You won’t have to wait for nightfall or have to close all of the curtains to see sharply projected blur-free images. It also has a “wall color” option that allows you to adjust the projector image automatically to the surface you are using. You don’t have to use a true projector screen; a white or silver painted wall will work just fine.

The colors are bright (sRGB and REC.709 color profile) and the contrast ratio is 50,000:1. Images are sharp with bright whites and deep blacks. Fan noise is kept to a minimum unless the projector is in its Dynamic Black mode. Using an external sound system is almost a must; the 10-watt built-in speakers are a little less than adequate.


The Optoma GT1080HDR offers a number of features that are usually found on higher priced projectors (>>> Check on Bhphotovideo). And because it is a short throw projector, people with limited-space rooms will appreciate how large an image it will project from a distance of only a few short feet. If you are a dedicated gamer, you would be hard pressed to find a projector with a lower input lag (just over 8ms) at anywhere near the price of this projector. It’s also included among the best projectors for golf simulators.

While it is possible to mount this projector on a ceiling, that would do away with its outstanding flexibility. Because it has great vertical adjustment options and weighs only 7.7 pounds, it is easy to move the projector from room to room and even outdoors. You are able get the projector back up and running with very little time or trouble.