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Movies and games are okay on a TV. You can see the images and follow along with the action, but it will never compare to watching your games and shows with a laser projector. With the addition of a projector to your entertainment system, you can enjoy theater-quality images at home.

Colors are vibrant and details are crisp, even in dimly lit scenes. You won’t have to worry about missing any of the action on the screen.

There are two laser projectors on the market that have caught consumers’ attention. Both are capable of producing sharp images in 4k resolution, but this isn’t the only feature you should consider. Comparing the Optoma P1 vs LG HU85LA will make it easier for you to decide which laser projector is right for you.

Optoma P1 vs LG HU85LA Specs Comparison:

Optoma P1LG HU85LA
Contrast Ratio1,500,000:12,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3000 ANSI2,700 ANSI
Throw Distance1.5' - 2.2'1.3' - 1.7'
Screen size85”-120”90" - 120"
Input lag55ms50-55ms
Wireless ConnectivityYESYES
Price Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

You will find that the two short-throw laser projectors have several features in common, but there are also differences. These differences could be what helps you choose one projector over the other.

Picture Quality

It’s hard to complain about picture quality from either projector, though the LG HU85LA does come out a little ahead. Both models boast 4k UHD resolution. Colors are bright and vivid, without any fading.

The P1 projector from Optoma comes with a contrast ratio of 1,500,000:1 compared to the LG model with  2,000,000:1. Even the details in darker scenes will be crisp and clear. For gamers, this is important. You don’t want to run into an ambush or miss a hidden treasure when you’re trying to beat a level.

Thanks to the HDR10 support, whites are brighter and darker colors deeper with both projectors. The LG HU85LA also uses a 3-channel laser, instead of a color wheel. You get a sharp picture no matter what you are watching on the screen.

Better Picture Quality: LG HU85LA


Even the best 4k projector is useless if you can’t connect it to your devices. Both models come with two HDMI ports. The Optoma P1 also comes with a USB port, and you can use Bluetooth for sound but not for streaming.

The LG HU85LA does have two USB ports that you can connect to Bluetooth. It also allows you to stream media from your iOS devices with Miracast.

More Connectivity Options: Optoma P1

Suitability for Gaming

Along with picture quality, the other feature gamers are concerned about is input lag. It is the amount of time, in milliseconds, it takes for the projector to receive the signal sent from your gaming device. Gamers want to look for a projector with an input lag around 50ms.

The Optoma and LG projectors have similar lag times, around 50 – 60ms. However, the LG HU85LA does have a gaming mode but you will need to disable the Smooth Motion function. Turning the feature off will noticeably improve lag time, but it can also negatively affect picture quality.

Optoma does not offer a gaming mode but you also do not have to turn off any features to keep lag times between 50 – 60ms.

Better Gaming Projector: LG HU85LA

Optoma P1

Optoma CinemaX P1 laser projectorYou won’t be disappointed with the Optoma P1. It produces a sharp and amazingly vibrant picture. Thanks to the 3,000 lumens, images are clear even in well-lit rooms. You won’t have to close the drapes and turn off the lights to see pictures clearly. You’ll also appreciate the visible details in both light and dark scenes. >>> Check current price on Amazon

Installing the laser projector is a breeze, even for first-timers. With a throw ratio of .25:1, you can set the projector up 15” away from a 120” screen. Since you don’t need a lot of space between the projector and the screen, it’s ideal for use in small rooms.

It’s easy to connect the projector to your existing components. You also won’t have any problems centering images. The Optoma P1 comes with the SmartFIT app which will guide you through the steps. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Even though it doesn’t come with a gaming mode, the projector still has an acceptable lag time. Serious gamers might be occasionally frustrated, but casual players will seldom have complaints.

The Optoma P1 does have built-in speakers that are an improvement over the ones found in most TVs. Dialogue is crisp and clear, but bass lovers will want to connect an external set.


  • Easy installation
  • Quality built-in speakers
  • 50 – 60ms lag time
  • Accurate image quality
  • Clear images in light and dark rooms


  • The color-wheel can cause visible rainbows on the screen.
  • The SmartFIT function is only compatible with specifically listed screens.


LG HU85LA laser projectorIt’s difficult to complain about picture quality with the LG HU85LA. Even though the projector lamp is dimmer than the P1 at 2700 lumens, all you’ll see are vibrant, accurate colors. This is due to the projector’s tone mapping technology that optimizes each image. Every frame is sharp, crisp, and clear. >>> Check current price on Amazon

If you live in a small space, you’ll appreciate the throw-ratio at .19:1. You only need 7” between the projector and 120” screen. Connecting the projector is also easy due to the number of ports.

You might run into some problems with image and screen alignment but there are plenty of functions that allow you to adjust the image. However, it might take a while before you’re satisfied.

Casual gamers will be happy with the 55ms lag time, but you will need to disable the Smooth Motion function. If you have the projector in both gaming and Smooth Function modes, input lag will average 75ms. Keeping only gaming mode on will drop lag times, but you might notice that colors are less crisp.

If sound quality is important, you will need external speakers. The projector comes with built-in speakers but they’re comparable to the ones on most flat-screen TVs.


  • Easy to set up
  • Bright, accurate colors
  • 55ms input time
  • Short 0.19 throw ratio
  • Clear images in ambient light


  • It can be difficult to get images centered on the screen.
  • Lacking HLG HDR compatibility


The primary difference between these 4k laser projectors is cost. Even though the LG HU85LA comes at a higher price point, it does beat the Optoma P1 when it comes to gaming features. It has a shorter throw ratio, and a gaming function for improved lag time. (>>> Check the current price on ProjectorScreen)

Both projectors do have amazing image quality, and the speakers are a little better with the Optoma P1. When you’re making your decision, it often comes down to price, and if a dedicated gaming mode is worth the added expense.