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Each year projector manufacturers release their latest models, highlighting the improvements and new features. One projector that’s getting attention is the Sony VPL-VW715ES. It boasts native 4K resolution for amazingly lifelike images. Blacks are rich and colors vibrant. Sony has also made it easy to center pictures on the screen. Gamers also weren’t forgotten. The projector comes with a gaming mode.

While there are native 4K projectors that come with higher price tags, the cost of the 715ES will still give you pause. Before you commit to this projector, you need to know if it’s a good buy. >>> Check how much does it cost on Amazon We’ll look at all of the features, including the disadvantages so you won’t have any surprises.

Sony VPL-VW715ES Review of Main Specs:

Sony VPL-VW715ES
Contrast Ratio350,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)1,800 ANSI
Throw Distance10.4' - 20.4'
Max Screen Size200"

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Picture Quality

The 4K lamp-based projector doesn’t disappoint when it comes to picture quality. Sony added its “X1 for projector’ technology. Similar to the processor used in TVs, you might not notice an improvement in image clarity with SDR content, but you will see the difference in HDR movies. Details are sharper and crisper, along with colors. >>>Find more 4K projector options

A dynamic contrast of 350,000:1 ensures bold, vibrant colors, along with deep inky blacks. The projector also comes with an HDR reference mode so images appear on the screen how the director intended the pictures to look. Ambient lighting won’t be a problem with the bright lamp rated at 1,800 lumens. Pictures will still be bright and clear.

Ease of Use and Installation

You will need to use some arm strength to get the 715ES out of the box. While it won’t strain your back, the projector does have some weight to it. It’s also not a short-throw projector so you will need plenty of room. For an on-screen 120” image, the projector must be 10’ or further from the screen. If you live in a small apartment or dorm, you might want to rethink buying this model.

When it comes to aligning images, even first-timers won’t have any problems. It comes with powered zoom and focus, along with horizontal and vertical lens shift. You can also save up to five image formats. When you’re ready to use the projector you can call up the saved settings and skip the alignment steps.


  • Flexible installation with zoom and lens shift.
  • Store up to 5 image alignment settings.
  • Dynamic contrast
  • Image processing technology
  • Acceptable input lag in gaming mode


  • Input lag might be to slow for some fast-paced action games.
  • The projector is designed to be placed in larger rooms which limits where it can be used.

Gaming Quality

Casual gamers won’t have any complaints when they see their game images in bright, crisp detail. Even though input lag is only acceptable in gaming mode, lovers of GTA and other fast-paced games may get a little frustrated, there shouldn’t be any complaints.

Motionflow technology provides lifelike and clear action in both 4K and HD. Frames are smoother without the blurriness that can occur when images are moving quickly. You won’t miss an opponent sneaking up on you in battle or a hidden treasure chest that could help you advance to the game’s level. Find more options if you’re looking for the best 4K gaming projector

Consumer Impressions

Even though consumers are still familiarizing themselves with the 715ES projector, early opinions are favorable. The projector is heavy but once its installed most consumers don’t plan on moving it around. There are impressed with image clarity, especially with HDR content. They also like being able to save their alignment settings.


The 715ES is a sturdy projector that delivers on picture quality. Images are more dynamic, details crisper, and colors are realistic. It also comes with a gaming function that improves input lag. >>> Check how much does it cost on Bhphotovideo

Installing the projector isn’t difficult and you can save your alignment settings. Its price may make you think twice, but if picture quality is the aspect at the top of your list the 715ES is worth spending your money on.