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After studying the market, you have purchased what you think will be the perfect projector. Now you need to decide where to mount the projector to get the best performance out of your golf simulator. You need the projector mounted far enough away from your swing plane so you don’t hit it. At the same time, you can’t mount it behind you or you will cast your shadow onto the screen. This article will show you the best location to mount a projector for a golf simulator.

Throw Ratio = Distance Away from Screen

Throw ratio is the distance from the screen to the horizontal image width.  With a throw ratio of 2, you would need the projector to be 2 feet away from the screen for every foot of image width. An example would be to have a 100-inch image with a projector throw ratio of 2, the projector would have to be placed just over 16 ½ feet away from the screen.

But 2 is a large throw ratio for most projectors. A standard projector will have a throw ration around 1.5. In that case (100-inch image) the projector would need to be 12 ½ feet away. A short throw projector may have its ratio between 1 and 0.4, for this example say the throw is 0.7. In this example the projector would need to be mounted less than 6 feet away. An ultra short throw projector has a throw ratio of under 0.4. Using 0.4, the projector can be as close to the screen as 3.3 feet.

An ultra short throw may position the projector in the ball’s path. An additional issue with an ultra short throw projector is that it could interfere with putting. With a standard throw projector, the mounting would be behind you, creating a shadow problem. A short throw seems to be the best projector to use. Find a list of best projectors for golf simulator here.

Project Placement – Option One

Above the screen and centrally located is the first option. You still must be able to take a full swing and not hit the projector. So try to position the projector behind and above you far enough not to hit it but also not place your shadow in the image

Project Placement – Option Two

For this option we mount the projector above and off center. You may have to angle the projector slightly but not far enough to distort the image. Try not to move the projector so far off center that you need to use keystone adjustment. If most of your fellow players are right-handed, position the projector slightly to the right to decrease the chance of it getting hit by a swing. (Tell your leftie buddies to go somewhere else. Just kidding!)

Project Placement – Option Three

If room size is causing you a problem, side mounting the projector may be the best option for you. There is an advantage to this mounting. You won’t accidentally hit the projector with a club (unless you have a hissy-fit because you missed the shot and threw your club). Your projector will have to be capable of horizontal keystone correction or you will not be looking at a rectangular image. Keystone correction could also affect image clarity.

Project Placement – Option Four

If you have limited space and a strong protective enclosure, you could choose to mount your projector in the center on the floor in front of you. If you jerk your head up and hit a low screamer you better have something that will protect the projector from a 100mph golf ball that has traveled only a few feet.

An Information Review

Take a close look at your room dimensions. Length, width, and height need to be considered. Can you center your ball in the room and still get the correct size image?

Test your swing and the projector location with something unbreakable BEFORE you permanently mount the projector. Hang up a projector-sized cardboard box and make sure you won’t hit the projector.

It’s not the longer clubs that may cause you to hit the projector; it’s the shorter ones. With a driver, you stand farther away from the ball and your swing is more flattened towards the horizontal plane. With shorter clubs, like your wedges, you stand closer to the ball and your swing is more upright.