About us

Do you geek out about home theater gear? So do we! That’s why we started Home Theater ABC: to create a forum where A/V enthusiasts can share their knowledge and passion for this exciting and fascinating technology.

The world of home theater gear has advanced significantly even in the time we’ve been writing about it. Not too long ago, 4K projectors were top of the line models, but now many high-end projectors and receivers push that up to 8K. Smart features and built-in Wi-Fi are becoming standard, too, while surround sound technology has evolved to the point you don’t need to install rear or overhead speakers to get a 3D listening experience.

All of these quick evolutions in home theater technology can be tricky to keep up with even for the experts. That’s where the reviews, comparisons, and buying guides on our blog can be a huge help for everyday people who don’t care about things like chip sets and contrast ratio but just want to enjoy their favorite games and movies on a big screen. We keep up with the latest gear so you don’t have to and explain its pros and cons in laymen’s terms so everyday consumers can understand what makes one projector better than another.

Whether you’re a fellow projector nerd or just trying to figure out the best tool for your home, classroom, office, or event space, we hope you find the reviews on this site interesting and helpful! If you have any thoughts or questions, we’d love for you to drop us a line in the comments to share them.