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Ultra-portable projectors let you play movies and stream television shows practically anywhere. The BenQ GV11 gives you a simple and portable way to show movies that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, something that we love to see from devices like this one. The GV11 is all about convenience, but we found that some of the limitations might be a surprise for buyers expecting high-end performance. This BenQ GV11 review provides our insider knowledge so you can tell if this compact and portable projector fits your lifestyle. >>> Find on

BenQ GV11 Projector Review of Specs:

BenQ GV11
Brightness (Lumens)200 ANSI
ResolutionVGA(640 x 480) to Full HD(1920 x 1080)
Contrast (FOFO)100,000:1
Throw Ratio1.3
Dimensions (WxHXD)4.5 x 6.0 x 5.5 in
Internal Speakers1x 5.0 Watts
PriceFind on Amazon

Resolution and Screen Capabilities

BenQ GV11 mini projector front view
BenQ GV11 front view

The BenQ GV11 doesn’t offer the highest level of resolution out there, but at 480p, it will do an acceptable job of providing good image quality in the right conditions. We want you to remember that this isn’t designed to be a primary movie and video-watching machine. Instead, its main purpose is to offer a way to play movies almost anywhere, at any time. With that said, the low resolution allows for less power use and makes the GV11 a good option for portable entertainment. Check more projector options in a similar price range.

Various screen sizes are available, with the maximum recommended screen measuring 80 inches diagonally. The GV11 offers just a 200-lumen light output, so smaller screens will give a more clear image, particularly when ambient light is difficult to control. We recommend using a high-quality portable projector screen with the GV11 to get the most out of the device and compensate for its shortcomings. We found that it requires between 5.7’ (60” display) to 7.5’ (80” display).

The unique circular design of the projector offers a large and stable base so the GV11 can rotate the lens to cast an image where you want it without creating a stand or stacking objects to align the lens with the screen. We love this idea and it is much better than many of the other projector designs we have tried in the past.

Connectivity and Battery Life

BenQ GV11 mini projector
BenQ GV11 mini projector

A neat feature of the BenQ GV11 is the built-in rechargeable battery that lets this compact projector display video even with no power options. It will play video for up to 160 minutes at lower settings and provides up to 240 minutes of audio playback. As soon as we saw this specification, we thought about backyard barbecues with friends and warm summer evening movie events with the neighbors, making the portability one of the biggest selling points.

When power is available, the GV11 uses a 3.5mm power port and a wall plug for constant power. The internal battery is recharged using either the wall plug or the USB-A port. An additional audio out port lets us connect additional speakers when the built-in option is insufficient.

The USB-A port can provide playback for video or audio files stored on thumb drives and similar devices, while a dedicated HDMI 1.4b port can connect a DVD player, a video gaming console, or other devices for video playback.

BenQ provides an included remote control; however, the best option is to use the BenQ app and control playback via smartphone. We think the app provides a streamlined way to control the projector without fussing with a stand-alone remote control. The GV11 is designed to work with Android TV, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV. Google Assistant is supported for voice control.

Audio Capabilities and Portability

The built-in 5w speaker plays through the side panels of the projector to give a 270-degree sound field. The speaker quality is quite good for a low-cost, portable projector. The unique base and surround field give this projector better-than-expected audio capabilities, and make it a great choice for use as a portable Bluetooth speaker. We really like the audio capabilities, even if the speaker is a bit underpowered.

The projector has a handy carry loop that lets it be placed easily where you want it. When you are ready to pack it up, an included carry case keeps the projector safe and helps to prevent losing cables or the remote control.


  • The ultra-portable design makes this a perfect choice for camping, RVing, and outdoor entertainment
  • Lots of options for connecting Chromecast, RokuTV, and other streaming dongles


  • Lower resolution won’t offer great viewability, particularly in brighter conditions
  • Speaker performance is only acceptable


The BenQ GV11 is a great option for people looking for a portable video solution that doesn’t rely on constant power. When we talked with people who tested it, we heard that it works well with many of the best streaming services for movies, television shows, and music on the road. The limited resolution and lower lumens require low-light conditions for the best performance. Combining this projector with a high-quality screen will improve performance. We think this is a great buy for people who want the option for portability and convenience. >>> Check on