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Not everyone has a room dedicated to their home entertainment system and this means ambient light can be a problem. It’s not easy to block out the sun when you want to watch a movie with your 4K projector. BenQ has resolved this problem with its TK810 and TK850 home theater projectors. Both models come with bright lamps that ensure images are clear even when the lights are on.

However, while both models can compensate for light there are a few differences that might affect your choice. The BenQ TK850 is easier to install and produces images with sharp details (>>> Check current price on Amazon), but the TK810 comes with wireless networking capabilities. If you’re not sure which projector is right for your home, it helps to compare the BenQTK810 vs the TK850.

BenQ TK810 vs TK850 Specifications:

BenQ TK810BenQ TK850
Contrast Ratio10,000:130,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,200 ANSI Lumens3,000 ANSI Lumens
Throw Distance3.5' - 32.3'3.2' - 24.6'
Screen size30" - 300"30" - 300"
Input lagNo data82ms
Price Find on AmazonFind on Amazon

Ease of Use and Installation

Both BenQ projectors produce 100” images from about 10 feet away so you will need space to set up either model. The digital keystone makes it easy to vertically align the on-screen picture, and the manual focus ensures image details are clear.

The TK850 does make it easier to adjust images with vertical lens shift and manual zoom. With the BenQ TK810, it’s a little harder to focus and center the pictures, but you do have the option of either a wired or wireless installation.

Easier installation: BenQ TK850

Picture Quality

You won’t have any trouble watching shows and movies with either projector in a lighted room. Both models boast 3,000 lumens, but the TK810 is a little brighter at 3,200. However, the slightly higher lumens rating is barely noticeable if you’re comparing the projectors side-by-side.

The 4-bit color wheel combined with 10-bit processing ensures that images are crisp and vibrant. Blacks are richer and whites brighter with the 30,000:1 contrast ratio that comes with the TK850, compared to the TK810.

Better Picture Quality: BenQ TK850


You want to be able to connect other devices to the projector such as gaming consoles and DVD players. The TK810 and TK850 come with plenty of ports so you can connect almost any device. Along with HDMI and USB ports, the TK810 comes with wireless networking. It’s compatible with Google Assistant and most streaming apps.

The TK850 does not have wireless networking capabilities, but it does come with an additional USB port so you can still stream content.

Better Connectivity: BenQ TK810

BenQ TK810

BenQ TK810

With a 3,200 lumens rating, you don’t have to completely darken the room. Images will still be sharp and clear even if you leave the lights on. Since it comes with wireless networking you can stream your favorite content and watch it on the big screen. However, you will need at least 10-feet of space to enjoy 100” images. >>> Check current price on Amazon

Along with the bright lamp, the TK810 also comes with a 4-segmented color wheel. Colors are sharp and accurate, especially combined with the 10-bit processing technology. You won’t notice any fading between frames or an annoying rainbow effect.

It’s not hard to install the 4K projector since you can choose between a wired or wireless setup. It might be a little more difficult to align the on-screen images. It does come with digital vertical keystone correction, but you’re slightly limited with the 1.1x manual zoom compared to some other models.


  • Simple installation
  • Compensates for ambient lighting
  • Bright, accurate colors without fading
  • Stream content from apps
  • Comes with multiple HDMI and USB ports


  • The lack of lens shifting capabilities and limited manual zoom can make it difficult to easily center images.

BenQ TK850

BenQ TK850

Sports enthusiasts and movie lovers won’t have anything to complain about with the TK850 from BenQ. You won’t have to darken your living room on game day, the 3,000 lumens projector lamp ensures that you’ll see all of the action. The 4K technology combined with HDR-PRO ensures vivid images. The projector also comes with custom sports image and audio modes so you can turn your living room into a sports stadium. >>> Check current price on Amazon

While you will need to set the projector up at least 10-feet from the screen for 100” images, installation is a breeze. It’s also not difficult to adjust images thanks to the vertical digital keystone correction. 1.3x zoom and manual focus ensure that details are sharp and clear.

You won’t have any trouble connecting all of your entertainment devices, there are plenty of ports. Along with HDMI ones, there are also three USB ports. Connect 4K Blu-ray and DVD players and turn your projector into your home’s new TV. It’s even included in our Best 4K Projectors Under $2000 guide.


  • Produces detailed images with accurate colors
  • Can compensate for ambient lighting
  • Easy to install and align images
  • Custom modes for sports and action sequences
  • Has multiple USB and HDMI ports


  • The input lag is too slow for most casual and serious gamers and cannot be adjusted.


There is a lot to recommend either the BenQ TK810 and the TK850. Both are ideal for use in rooms where you can’t eliminate all light sources. Images are sharp, clear, with vivid colors. However, the TK850 does produce slightly brighter and clearer pictures. It also comes with a custom sports mode that brings games to life (>>> Check current price on Bhphotovideo).

With the BenQ TK810, you do get the option of a wired or wireless setup, and it also comes with wireless networking. When it comes to choosing the right projector, it often depends on whether you want to use it for streaming content or watching sports.