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Choosing a great projector for your home cinema entertainment can be tricky, especially when looking at projectors like the Epson 3200 vs 3800 that have nearly identical features and specifications. A projector can make family movie night more fun on the big screen, but picking the right one means you’ll need to know the specifications and features that set one device apart from others. We will describe the few differences between these two options and let you know why we think that the Epson 3800 is the best option for most entertainment options (>>> Check on Bhphotovideo).

Epson 3200 vs 3800 Specifications:

Epson 3200Epson 3800
4K w/pixel shifting
4K w/pixel shifting
Contrast Ratio40,000:1100,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,900 ANSI3,000 ANSI
Throw Distance6.2' - 28.8'6.2' - 28.8'
Screen size40" - 300"40" - 300"
Internal SpeakersNo10.0 Watts × 2

Epson 3200 vs 3800 Similarities

Both of these projectors appear similar and have numerous similar features. They offer up to a simulated 4k resolution using an advanced three-chip LCD set that converts 2k input to 4k images and both support native 4k movies and video games. The native chipset resolution is listed as 1920×1080 with a maximum resolution of 4096×2160.

Both projectors feature relatively short throw distances of between 1.32m-2..51m:1 ratios making both projectors ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The 3200 and 3800 Epson projectors are capable of producing images up to 300 inches diagonally.

Both designs use the same lamp that is a 250 watt design that will last for between 5000 hours and 3500 hours. They are both capable of ceiling mount and rear mount setups for the ultimate in versatility.

Differences Between the Two Designs

Epson 3200

There are a few minor differences that set these two projectors apart. The most important difference is the higher contrast available on the Epson 3800. It has the ability to contrast at a rate of 100,000:1 that will ensure a deep, realistic image with deeper and more believable shadows and brighter colors. The Epson 3200 only provides a 40,000:1 contrast, which is still better than the vast majority of projectors on the market today, but not nearly as good as the Epson 3800.

A minor difference between the two designs is the slightly better lag time of the 3200, which may make it a better option for people who are avid gamers, but the slight difference probably isn’t noticeable to most casual gamers and people who primarily watch movies. The Epson 3800 has a lag time of between 23 and 29ms while the Epson 3200 boasts a lag time of only 16.7ms.

The Epson 3800 has a slightly brighter image capability, but the difference is negligible and probably wouldn’t be noticeable under most circumstances. The 3800 is rated at 3000 lumens against the 2900 lumens the Epson 3200 is rated at. Click here for our full Epson 3200 review.

A final difference is the lack of a built-in speaker on the Epson 3200. This may not be a big deal for many people who are planning on using an external speaker source by running the projector through an audio-video receiver. The Epson 3800 features a single built-in 20 watt speaker that is better than many competitor offerings.

Epson 3200


  • Easy to set up and provides a better than average image
  • Low lag is perfect for gaming


  • Contrast isn’t great and suffers under ambient lighting conditions
  • No speaker

Why We Like the Epson 3800

Epson 3800

As both of these projectors have very similar specifications, it may be a challenge to determine if the slight price difference is worth it. We think that it is and we will explain why we think so. One of the things that we like to do is set up a projector outside in the summertime and have friends and family together for movie night. The slightly higher lumens and significant difference in contrast give the Epson 3800 a clear advantage for this purpose.

Even when setting the projectors up inside, the difference in contrast becomes apparent. Image quality on the Epson 3200 suffers when ambient lighting isn’t tightly controlled and the difference becomes even more noticeable when the lights are all the way out. The Epson 3800 simply offers a cleaner, more clear, better looking image.

Finally, the Epson 3800 features several additional input ports over the Epson 3200, including a trigger port for motorized screen control, a handy feature that elevates the experience of using a projector.

Epson 3800


  • Excellent contrast enhances images for excellent outdoor viewing
  • Built-in speaker is excellent for portability


  • Somewhat high lag time may cause stuttering on some video games


These two projectors have so much in common that it is difficult to say which one is really better than the other. In our experience, the higher the contrast, the better movies will appear, and since we like to use a projector outdoors, the Epson 3800 is our winner. The built-in speaker and the optional trigger make the Epson 3800 useful and functional in a variety of situations without having to add additional equipment that will quickly take up the difference in price between the two projectors (>>> Find on ProjectorScreen).