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Upgrading your old 2K projector can be a challenge because of the number of products out there and the wide variance in prices. You never know how well a product will work or if the features that you want work as well as the manufacturer claims. This Epson 3800 review will show why we think this is an excellent upgrade projector that will give you the intense images and bright colors you want without having to spend a fortune (>>> Check on

Epson 3800 Review of Specifications:

 Epson 3800
4K w/pixel shifting
Contrast Ratio100,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,000 ANSI
Throw Distance6.2' - 28.8'
Screen size40" - 300"
Internal Speakers10.0 Watts × 2

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The 3800 projector starts out with some excellent technology to provide a 4k-like image without the added expense of technology that high-end 4k projectors use. You’ll get stunning and realistic images from the 3800 and it is an affordable way to provide indoor and outdoor entertainment all year long.

Image Construction Technologies

The Epson 3800 uses pixel-shifting technology that enables the three LCD chips to parallel process millions of pixels simultaneously. This produces a true-to-life image without the rainbow effects that are common on lesser designs. Here, you’ll get stunning, realistic images that are true to life with 4k Ultra-High Definition results that make your favorite movies and games pop off the screen.

HDR and Digital Image Processing

Epson provides this projector with the ability to produce HDR-level quality that is noticeably clean, crisp, and free of distortion. The projector uses HDR to ensure proper color-shift from frame-to-frame while enhancing image quality and reducing lag and stutter. Digital image processing allows the projector to produce highly-detailed images with ease.


  • Provides an astounding, clear, and bright image
  • Works well for movies, gaming, or presentations


  • Requires more space than some people have available
  • Manual adjustment might be tedious for some users

Brightness and Contrast

Boasting a lumen count of 3,000, this projector will let you watch your favorite movies or play video games even in rooms that are well-lit. Higher lumens ensure the image is easy to see, while an astounding 200,000:1 contrast ratio ensures that you’ll get deep, dark blacks and realistic shadows even when ambient lighting is a problem.

Built-in Speaker

A built-in speaker provides plenty of audio quality to ensure you’ll get great results when watching movies and playing video games on the big screen. It boasts a full 20 watts of power to make this projector a great choice without having to spend lots of money on additional speaker systems.

If you want to connect this projector to your home theater cinema, it provides easy connections to allow you to take advantage of full surround sound systems that greatly enhance the viewing pleasure you’ll experience.

Throw Distance and Setup Features

Epson 3800 connections

One of the main reasons that people want to use a projector over a standard television is the ability to create a large image. This projector is capable of image sizes up to 300-inches, but works best in the 150-inch range. The throw distance is moderately long, requiring more than 16-feet to get the largest image. A 100-inch screen requires a throw distance of just over six-feet as the minimum distance possible.

Setting up the projector is made more simple with the use of numerous options to adjust the image. Unlike some designs that limit how you can set the projector, the Epson 3800 provides numerous manual settings including lens focus and vertical and horizontal corrections to ensure you get crisp image quality and proper alignment without relying on technology that doesn’t always work.


When you are looking for an excellent solution to adding a home theater projector, Epson is one of the top names in the game. This 3800 projector has the ability to provide high-resolution images even in bright conditions and is simple to use. It doesn’t clog things up with a bunch of technology you’ll never use and creates one of the cleanest images around (>>> Check current price on Projectorscreen).

The speaker technology is a little weak and this projector benefits from including it with a proper home theater system. The 20 w speaker is adequate for smaller spaces, but can get lost in a large room or when trying to play movies outdoors.