How To Get Sound From Projector To Speakers

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Even if your projector came with internal speakers, the audio quality still isn’t great. It’s an improvement over the tiny ones in your TV, but the best way to improve the sound is to connect a projector to external speakers.

How to Connect a Projector to Speakers

Thankfully, it’s not hard to connect a projector to external speakers. It only takes a few steps, and it also works if you use an AV receiver. Before you start connecting wires, make sure the projector and speakers are powered off. It’s safer and you won’t hear audio feedback.

You need to know where the audio port’s located on the speakers and the projector’s audio-out jack. It’s where you connect the 3.5mm cable. You can also use a TOSLINK cable to connect the projector to your speakers. Double-check the connections, and then turn the components on. Run a test to make sure the speakers are receiving the audio signal.

It takes one more step to connect your projector to an AV receiver. On the receiver, there’s a source button. Press it to set the audio source to Aux.

How to Connect a Projector to Bluetooth Speakers

You can only connect a projector to Bluetooth speakers if it’s compatible. The projector must come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. If the projector is Bluetooth enabled, it’s easy to connect it to the speakers.

Turn the speakers on and go to the projector’s settings menu. Select Bluetooth, then speakers, and turn it on. The projector should detect the Bluetooth signal from the speakers. If it doesn’t, make sure there aren’t any other Bluetooth devices nearby. It can interfere with the projector’s ability to locate the speakers.

Sometimes the devices fail to connect. Make sure you selected “speaker” on the projector’s menu. The next step is to turn off one of the devices. Turn it back on, so the components detect each other’s signal.

Troubleshooting Problems

Even though connecting the components is easy, problems can pop up. Usually, it’s a simple fix that only takes a few minutes.

The Projector is Still Producing Audio

It’s a common problem with projectors. The internal speakers continue to produce audio after the projector is connected to home speakers. Check the 3.5mm cable. Chances are, it’s connected to the wrong port. If switching ports doesn’t work, make sure it fully plugs in. You might need to replace the cable if the connections are loose.

Projector Isn’t Producing Audio

Speakers don’t have settings to worry about, but projectors and AV receivers do. Make sure you have the sound setting turned on the projector. If it’s on mute, you won’t hear any audio. Don’t forget to set the source to aux on the receiver. Otherwise, it won’t pick up the audio signal from the projector. Our “Best Soundbar For Projector” Buyer’s Guide might be relevant.

Speakers Aren’t Producing Audio

You’re looking forward to watching a movie with surround sound, but your speakers aren’t producing audio. The way speakers are set up determines how you find and resolve the problem.

If you have dedicated speakers connected to the projector, disconnect them. Plug the speakers into another device and listen for audio. Make any adjustments to sound quality and reconnect them to the projector.

You don’t need to disconnect the Av receiver. Instead, turn it to another channel with a connected device. If you have audio on the other channels, make sure you’re using the right one for the projector.


You will get better audio quality from your external speakers over the projector. It’s also not hard to connect the components, no matter the setup. It’s the same for speakers and AV receivers. You use a 3.5mm or TOSLINK cable to connect the devices.

Syncing your projector with a Bluetooth speaker simply requires you to go to the settings menu. It’s easy to improve sound quality in time for your next movie night.