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You do get the best picture quality with a 4K projector. Images are realistic with vibrant colors. It’s like watching movies at the theater except you’re on the couch. You will pay more for a 4K projector but it’s worth the investment if image quality is your primary concern.

Comparing 4K projectors like the LG HU85LA vs the Samsung LSP9T isn’t always easy. Both have a short-throw distance, produce exceptional image quality, and come with plenty of features.

Even though you won’t go wrong with either projector, the Samsung LSP9T does have a slightly brighter picture and a shorter throw ratio. You also get better audio quality with the LSP9T, but this doesn’t mean that the LG HU85LA doesn’t have a few advantages. It comes with more smart features, and it’s easier to install. If you’re undecided, it helps to take a closer look at the two 4K projectors (>>> Find on Amazon).

LG HU85LA vs Samsung LSP9T Specifications:

LG HU85LASamsung LSP9T
Contrast Ratio2,000,000:12,000,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)2,700 ANSI2,800 ANSI
Throw Distance1.3' - 1.7'0.4' - 0.8'
Screen size90" - 120"100" - 130"
Internal Speakers5.0 Watts × 210.0 Watts × 4
PriceFind on Amazon
Find on Amazon

Image quality is exceptional with both 4K projectors, but one might be better suited for your home entertainment setup.

Image Quality

You get a true 4K resolution with both projectors. The dynamic contrast ratio is also the same. The LSP9T does have a slightly higher lumens rating, but it’s not enough to noticeably affect picture quality.

Where the LSP9T stands out is with its UHD processor, along with advanced color and HDR technology. You get a brighter, more dynamic onscreen image. It also comes with Filmmaker and other picture modes so you can optimize the pictures to your preferences.

Better Image Quality: Samsung LSP9T

Sound Quality

The HU85LA comes with 5-watt onboard speakers. You get adequate sound quality, but nothing spectacular. You can hear the dialogue, along with sound effects, but audio quality is reduced at higher volumes.

With the LSP9T comes an internal 4.2 channel sound system. It’s not quite surround sound, but with front and center speakers it comes close. It also boasts 40W of power, so you can crank the volume up without too much distortion.

Better Sound Quality: Samsung LSP9T

Ease of Installation

You won’t have a problem setting up either 4K projector. It comes down to your space when you’re deciding which one is best. The LG 4K projector has a shorter throw ratio. You need around 4” for 100’ images. Another benefit, especially for first-time projector owners, you can use a screen or blank wall with the LSP9T.

The HU85LA does have a longer throw distance. You need over a foot of space. While it does need a screen, it also comes with keystone correction and a focus setting for all four corners. The LG model doesn’t come with lens shift or correction functions. You can only align images by moving the projector.

Easier Installation: LG HU85LA

Smart Features

You get a few smart features with the LSP9T. It comes with a Tizen interface that supports most of the popular music and content streaming apps. With your choice of Bixby, Google Assistant, or Alexa, you can control the projector with your voice.

Along with Google Assist and Alexa, the HU85LA supports Miracast. You get more connectivity for your external devices. The projector uses LG’s webOS, so you won’t have a problem accessing your favorite streaming apps. Add in ThinQ technology, and you have a projector that can also control your other smart devices.

Better Smart Features: LG HU85LA

LG HU85LA Review


Anyone with a smart home system will love the ThinQ technology. Combined with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can integrate the projector into your existing system. Use voice control to operate the projector and turn lights on and off.

The LG web operating system is easy to navigate. You’ll find all of the popular apps, except for YouTube. You have to download it separately. It’s also not hard to set up, the HU85LA is a short-throw projector. You need around 17” to throw 100” images. Keystone correction and 4-corner image-wrapping technology make it a breeze to align images.

With a lumens rating of 2,700, the HU85LA isn’t ideal for use in bright light. However, it does produce amazing pictures in low light. The 3-channel laser produces bright, accurate colors. A dynamic 200,000:1 contrast ratio ensures blacks aren’t faded. You also get smooth frame-by-frame action in sports, racing, and movies. With TruMotion technology, there’s never any lag between scenes.


  • 4K resolution
  • Dynamic contrast
  • Short-throw
  • Flexible installation
  • Smart features


  • YouTube is missing from the apps listed in the webOS
  • The built-in speakers only have adequate sound quality

Samsung LSP9T Review

Samsung LSP9T

You get impressive image quality and sound with the Samsung LSP9T. A 3-channel laser, combined with a 200,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio ensure vivid, realistic colors. The 2,800 lumens rating ensures low light won’t affect image quality. PurColor technology and HDR10+ enhance image clarity, and Filmmaker mode lets you optimize the picture.

A 4.2 channel 40W built-in audio system won’t replace your surround speakers, but it gives you the illusion of wall-to-wall sound. Acoustic Bean technology ensures the sound is crisp and clear. You can also use the projector’s smart features to control the volume level, along with playback content.

With only 4” of space, you can cast 100” images. All you need is a blank wall, a screen isn’t necessary. It makes it a versatile 4k projector. However, image alignment can be a problem. You don’t have keystone correction or lens shift. Click here for our more detailed review of the Samsung LSP9T.


  • Ultra-short-throw
  • 4K resolution
  • Bright images
  • Dynamic contrast
  • 40W speakers


  • It’s hard to focus images, especially around the corners
  • The projector is lacking some smart features


It’s not easy comparing the LG HU85LA vs the Samsung LSP9T. Both are 4K projectors with similar image quality, though the LSP9T produces brighter images. You also get better audio quality with the Samsung projector, but the LG HU85LA is easier to set up and comes with more smart features (>>> Check on ProjectorScreen).

When you’re looking at the two models, think about what you want in a 4K projector. It’ll help you decide which one to take home.