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Home theater projectors are not for more than movie nights. Some are replacing TVs and being used for multi-purpose entertainment. You can often stream your favorite TV shows and connect gaming consoles for 100” images with stunning details on every game level.

When it comes to mixed media projectors, Optoma often leads the competition. Their extensive line of versatile projectors almost ensures a model ideal for any entertainment need. Two models to consider are the UHZ45 and the UHZ50, but these projectors have a few differences.

The UHZ45 is typically lower in price and comes with the same immersive 4K resolution as the UHZ50. However, the UHZ50 boasts wireless connectivity, something missing from the UHZ50. Let’s compare the other differences between the Optoma UHZ45 and UHZ50 (>>> Check on Amazon).

Optoma UHZ45 vs UHZ50 Specifications:

Optoma UHZ45Optoma UHZ50
Contrast Ratio2,000,000:12,500,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3,800 ANSI3,000 ANSI
Brightness (Lumens)4ms4ms
Throw Distance4.0' - 32.7'4.0' - 26.6'
Screen size33" - 300"34" - 303"
Internal Speakers10.0 Watts × 210.0 Watts × 2
PriceFind on Amazon
Find on Amazon

Image Quality

You get immersive true 4K resolution with both Optoma projectors. The 8.3 million pixels, combined with a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, ensures every image is crisp and clear. You don’t have to worry about fuzzy details, even on darker scenes.

The UHZ45 is capable of accurately reproducing colors. It meets the International HDTV standards for cinematic color. The same is also true for the UHZ50. Its Cinema Display Mode covers 100% of the color gamut.

Best Image Quality: A Tie


Both Optoma projects use a long-lasting laser light source. The laser light sources are bright enough to handle most ambient lighting. In other words, blackout curtains aren’t necessary to use the projectors during the day.

The UHZ50 comes with a 3,000 lumens rating. It’s more than enough for daytime viewing. The UHZ45 has a slightly brighter lumens rating of 3,800. It’s ideal when you want to take the projector outside. The higher lumens rating can counteract light from a full moon or street lamps.

Best in Brightness: Optoma UHZ45

Ease of Installation and Set Up

Neither projector weighs enough to strain any muscles both are slightly over 10 lbs. You will need plenty of space to cast 100” images since these are standard-throw projectors. You can get by with around 4ft of space between the lens and the screen. However, the image is noticeably smaller. Think of a standard big-screen TV.

You get some flexibility with the UHZ45. It has four-corner adjustment and 2D keystone correction. The UHZ50 comes with a wider zoom. It allows you to shorten the throw distance a little, while still enjoying 100” images. A lens shift function makes it easier to align images, along with multiple HDR adjustment options.

Easiest to Install and Set Up: Optoma UHZ50

Gaming Quality

Input lag and refresh rates are two statistics gamers always look at. You are not going to be disappointed with either Optoma projector. Both come with a dedicated gaming mode. It does reduce image quality down to full HD, but you get an impressive 4ms input lag. It’s fast enough to keep up with any type of game.

The gaming mode also gives you a 240Hz refresh rate. Not only does it help ensure a smooth gaming experience, but it’s also great for live-action sports. You don’t have to deal with live-action frames freezing in the middle of a play.

Best in Gaming Quality: A Tie


Be prepared to break out the cords with the UHZ45. It does not come with wireless connectivity. The UHZ50 also doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi. However, a Wi-Fi adaptor is included in the box with the projector. The UHZ50 is compatible with most smart home systems, giving you voice-control capabilities.

While the UHZ45 is lacking wireless connectivity, it does have two HDMI ports. You can connect your favorite devices. The only downsides are the cords, and you may have to disconnect a device to use another one.

Best in Connectivity: Optoma UHZ50

Optoma UHZ45

Optoma UHZ45

There’s a lot to like about the UHZ45, starting with its price. It is a little more affordable than the UHZ50. You get a bright 3,800 lumens light source, ideal for day, night, or outside use. It’s lightweight and also makes the projector easy to move around. True 4K resolution and a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio ensure every image is rich in details on the screen. The projector also supports 3D content.

You can cast up to 300” images with the UHZ45 if you have the space. It’s a standard throw projector but the image alignment tools make set up a breeze. You will need around 10’ for a 100” image. 1.1 x zoom and four corner keystone correction helps ensure images are perfectly aligned. No projector screen? It’s not an issue. The built-in image correction tool and bright laser light source allow you to cast images on the wall.

The dual 10-watt speakers are a step up from the ones in your smart TV. It’s not going to give you a surround sound experience, but you will hear crisp audio and music. eARC technology makes it easy to connect the projector to your existing sound system. Check our more detailed Optoma UHZ45 review.


  • 3D support
  • Dual HDMI inputs
  • Bright laser light source
  • Flexible installation
  • 4K resolution


  • The projector does not come with built-in connectivity

Optoma UHZ50

Optoma UHZ50

The UHZ50 produces the same 4K resolution as the UHZ48. The laser light source is a little dimmer, but it’s still enough for daytime viewing. A low input lag and fast refresh rate keep games playing smoothly. You aren’t going to notice a delay between the controller and onscreen action.

Along with dual HDMI ports, the projector also comes with a Wi-Fi adaptor. It’s compatible with Google Assist, Alexa, and IFTTT, giving you plenty of connection options. The slightly shorter throw distance makes installation a little easier, you also get the convenience of 1.3x zoom, 3×3 image alignment, vertical lens shift, and four corner image adjustment. Our more detailed review of the Optoma UHZ50.


  • Dual 10-watt onboard speakers
  • 4K resolution
  • Included Wi-Fi adaptor
  • 3D support
  • Low input lag


  • The laser light source isn’t bright enough for most outdoor use


Comparing the Optoma UHZ45 vs UHZ50 showcases the projector’s similarities and differences. You get similar image quality, but the UHZ45 produces a slightly brighter image. It also comes at a lower price point.

The UHZ50 comes out ahead in connectivity (>>> Find on ProjectorScreen). It’s also easier to install, thanks to the robust selection of image alignment options. Choosing between the two Optoma models often comes down to which one works best in your entertainment space.