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It’s not often that gamers and movie lovers find a projector they agree on, but the Optoma UHD50x has something for everyone. Movies appear on the screen with cinematic quality and the fast refresh rate ensures that gamers won’t miss any of the action.

Even though it seems to have everything you want from a 4K projector, there’s always the question of it the product can live up to its reputation. In this Optoma UHD50x review, you’ll find out everything you need to know about this 4K projector, including its flaws (if any). >>> Check how much it costs on Amazon

Optoma UHD50x
Contrast Ratio500,000:1
Brightness (Lumens)3400 ANSI
Throw Distance6.2' - 28.8'
Lens1.3x manual zoom
Screen size34”-300”
Input lag16ms

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Even if this is your first time setting up a home projector, as long as you have an HDMI cable you’re good to go. You also have plenty of additional inputs for your media devices. The projector supports gaming consoles, PCs, and Macs to name a few. Inputs include dual HDMI, VGA, and USB, so connecting your devices won’t be a problem.

You aren’t limited to only setting the UHD50x projector on a shelf or table. You can also mount it on the ceiling. The 1.3x zoom and 5 – 15% vertical lens shift ensure that every image will be sharp and clear, even at a distance.

The ±40˚ keystone correction makes it easy to center the image on the screen if the projector is installed too high or low. However, it doesn’t give you a lot of room for error if it’s installed off-center.


  • HDR and HGL compatible
  • Multiple inputs for devices
  • Fast refresh rate
  • Flexible installation
  • Segmented 8 color wheel


  • 240Hz refresh rate is only in 1080p mode
  • Limited keystone correction
  • The cooling fan is slightly louder than some other models.

Picture Quality

You won’t be disappointed with the picture quality. During the Optoma UHD50x review, we found that colors are well-calibrated, even in HDR mode. Very rarely will you need to make adjustments to the color or contrast thanks to the Ultra Detail technology and 8-segment color wheel.

Boasting 8.3 million on-screen pixels, along with dynamic black technology and a contrast ratio of 500,000:1, details in dark scenes are crystal clear. Movies and games will be sharp and vibrant with brighter images. Gamers will also appreciate not having to worry about slow lag times.

The UHD50x by Optoma has an impressive 240Hz refresh rate. The downside is that you don’t have support for AMD Free Sync or Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. This would help prevent any problems with screen tearing during gameplay. The Optoma UHZ50 review might be relevant too.


This standard throw projector features a sturdy design that can withstand years of normal use. You do want to avoid scratching the projector lens and ensure that the cooling vents aren’t blocked when in use.

You don’t need to worry about replacing the lamplight for several years. It’s rated for up to 15,000 hours of use. You can run the projector up to four hours every day for ten years before the light will need to be replaced.

Optoma also backs the projector with a limited warranty. One condition that is non-negotiable, is the projector must be purchased through the manufacturer for the warranty to be valid.

Ease of Use and Performance

optoma uhd50x top

The Top of Optoma UHD50x

The ‘quick start’ guide and included remote control ensure that even first-time users won’t have a problem using the projector. The only difficultly might be in getting the picture centered on the screen due to the lower keystone correction allowance.

When it comes to performance, there is little to complain about with the Optoma UHD50X, especially considering its affordable price. Images will appear crisp and colorful, and with 3,400 lumens you can turn almost any area into a home movie theater.

Customer Impressions

Overall customers’ reviews of the Optoma UHD50x have been positive. The segmented 8 color wheel makes a noticeable difference in image quality and this applies in bright or dim light. Gaming resolution is only 1080p if you want to take advantage of the faster refresh mode. However, this does not noticeably affect the game’s picture quality.


If you’ve always wanted to turn your backyard or family room into a home theater, the Optoma UHD50x will deliver. It is competitively priced and delivers in performance and picture quality. What sets this projector apart is the 8 color wheel, along with its Ultra Detail technology. Blacks will be deeper and richer, while whites are bright and clear.

Gamers will appreciate having almost no lag time, even if they have to stay with 1080p. The projector is also designed to last for years, making it a good buy for your money. >>> Check current price on ProjectorScreen